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2013-03-24, 8:01 p.m.

The rest of the weekend with Mom... well, hm. I didn't really think it through ahead of time, to have her come up here for a Saturday matinee (why Saturday matinee? I don't know...) and then uh.... I hadn't really planned out other ways to entertain her in the meantime. Problem.

We ended up at an awesome used bookstore I'd thought we were in the neighborhood of at some point after the show was over. I've been there twice and you could spend hours there. Great hippie books sections. I got an oracle deck I've been coveting used for $9, that kind of store. But after that, I still didn't know what to do with Mom. Usually we just end up shopping somewhere or other if no events are going on, and I couldn't find anything else going on this weekend that she might want to see (figured she didn't care too much about going to Roseville for the rock show). We ended up just going back to my town and getting pizza, then going back to my house to watch a lot of Glee on Hulu.

I didn't think about today too hard. I figured we'd just end up at the outlets or whatever. But....not really. She somehow declared it "too late" to go to the outlets, for some reason, and was doing her usual nitpicking of me that goes on whenever she's in my house for any length of time, gah. We ended up watching more episodes of Glee, and Mom started passing out on the couch, and one way or another she wasn't really "up" until 2. And she refused to eat at my house, didn't really have any kind of food in mind, but she wanted to eat something....meanwhile, I'd already eaten some of last night's leftovers and wasn't exactly craving food so much as I was craving that Mom go home already. If she's inside a house past about noon without Doing Something, the household nitpicky starts up, and she'd started up early today as is.

I did have some brief, not great discussions with her on the usual topics:
(a) Please stop begging for affection from people who don't want to give it, and next week, can't we just go there for dinner and that's it?
(b) Thanksgiving was kind of the last straw for me with regards to begging for affection from people, even if she doesn't want me to be orphaned once she dies. (It'll happen anyway.)
(c) She both told me that she is quite broke AND that she wants to spend her vacation time and money going to Alaska with a friend of hers. I am....unpleased at that.

I was totally out of ideas for feeding or entertaining her, and I just wanted her to leave early--but saying so (as you may recall from Thanksgiving) would have been like stabbing her in the heart. I'd been trapped all day indoors and it was a beautiful day for a change--no rain and NO INSANE WIND-- and I have to be indoors at work all the time anyway, so finally I just got her to leave the house to take a walk. And we ended up wandering around downtown for awhile. She bought a bunch of old records and used paperbacks, and we eventually ended up at a burger joint and hanging out in an arboretum area. But...around the time where I finally didn't have How To Entertain Her or How To Feed Her Before Upset Occurs, it started to be fun and mellow. And by the end of the afternoon, she said she'd always wanted to hang around the downtown, but had never actually done it. "Next time, tell me earlier," I said. "I do! I say it when I'm leaving!" Well... how's about earlier in the weekend, then?

And she left here before 9 tonight, which is rare. Yay. So now I can get things done, like uh, watching television and uploading pictures.

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