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As Well As Can Be Expected

2020-03-24, 10:28 p.m.

Actually had a good day today! It wasn’t insane at work. It was bizarrely quiet for me, I got like, all the emails taken care of (that I could do). I got forced to answer the general portal emails, which I tend to hate doing, but I can honestly say I put in 1.5 hours (more than the hour asked for) on that and cleared out...I dunno, 8 of ‘em. The rest were officially Complicated Weird Shit I Have No Idea About, and left for whoever knows that stuff. Arrangements have been made for one bored-at-home, adventuresome coworker to go into the office to get the mail once a week, so that’s good.

My boss had a meeting canceled and then was all, “Hey, wanna chat?” at the end of the day and it turned into an amusing gripe session between her and Tigress. I was totally fried yesterday, but Tigress was fried today. It was nice to NOT FEEL FRIED for a change. Like, I am genuinely perky today. GO FIGURE.

I also had my therapy appointment today and I needed that dose of reality, since my shrink is in NYC (“the epicenter”) and having to go outside every day to deal with shit and nobody is social distancing there. She was all, “look, they were out of food for a week, but they have food again, and the only stuff you can’t get are thermometers, rubbing alcohol and wipes,” and recounted a story of seeing a shoplifter stick steaks down his coat and run out, and for obvious reasons, he got away with it.

She said that when asked if I’m okay, to say “Under the circumstances, I’m as okay as I can be” or “As well as can be expected.”

She also said, “If I could be in bed all day stoned, drinking and eating popcorn and chocolate, I would,” but well, you gotta be there for people.

She got on me to contact people more (I said well, that works for some right now) and regarding well, you know, said “now is not the time to make a decision on that.”

10 confirmed cases, one death in this county so far. One sounds like a college student--young adult, no health problems mentioned, community transmission. I’ll always wonder if it’s a frat boy from across the street.

Heard from Jess again, sounds like she is still doing well except for a lack of money and TP. I spent the night watching “Broadway Backwards” performances and finishing tonight’s knitalong. I did get a random text from Robert to this article (limits clicks), with no explanation or response. Make of that what you will. I also started doing this “Science of Well Being” free online class, which boiled down to watching several short videos and taking some quizzes and reading a few articles. Not sure what to make of this.

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