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Post-Party Wrapup

2009-03-25, 3:35 p.m.

So, party wrap-up! It went well!

As you might have guessed given the date of it, i.e. spring equinox, this was a hippie sort of party, involving things like "the sacred jelly bean fight." We didn't have as many people show up as I was told "might", but it still came out to about 15 people anyway. And we managed well and folks seemed to have a good time. Drama eruptions did not occur.

Mom was invited to be around my hippie friends for the first time. She'd met two of them ahead of time, so that probably helped. I don't think she was terribly into the proceedings, but she seems to be reassured that I haven't gone crazy or something. Even if she met my driving instructor and was completely weirded out by her (said instructor showed up in Renfairewear, and is not shy about talking about unusual interests). If that's her worst part of the night, I say yay.

Mom did mention that going to the bridal shower beforehand was...quite a switch because everyone there was Prim and Proper. I said, "Yeah, note which crowd I fit into."

In other news, I have Friday off from work for "Cesar Chavez Day." It's very odd to have a day off that pretty much nobody else has, but I'll take advantage of getting ONE day off during "spring break." I am enjoying the quiet of campus this week, though I am sad to say that the gym is somehow still pretty effing full at 5 p.m. anyway. I have NO night meetings of any sort this week YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY, so I am actually getting to watch Live TV As It Happens! All week! I can watch Supernatural without having to go illegal or watch's shitass player that stops working 2/3 of the way through an episode! Huzzah! THURSDAY'S OFF, DANGIT!

I am trying to figure out what to do with my Friday off. Can't go to the DMV (no busses running), can't go to the CC (closed), can't really go anywhere beyond shopping or the gym. I think mostly I will just hang around outside and enjoy the sunshine, try to make myself meditate or whatever. I heard of a concept called a "MAKEcation" where you use your time off to make something rather than oh, sit at home in the dark all alone, so I might do that. I am kind of scatty on my attention span for projects these days, but it's an idea.

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