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But The Emails!

2020-03-25, 10:29 p.m.

It was my coworker’s birthday and she took the day off from work. My boss said that she’d had a giant Coachella/Disneyland birthday weekend planned... So I sent her today’s anti-affirmation calendar photo, “Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles,” and she loved it. Glad I could do one small thing for her, anyway.

I am feeling tired from work again (I was done by about 2:45 emotionally), which I chalk up to, once again, Tigress freaking out about the emails. She DOES NOT LIKE IT that some people will just email over and over and over again and I have to keep asking them to do things over and over again and then, OMG, THOSE EMAILS SIT IN THE BOX! Which I cannot “process out” because this drama continues. Today she (a) asked if I was handling this one, yes, and then (b) started cc’ing my boss and being all, “is there anything you can do to help this person?” And I pointed out that THE PERSON NEEDS TO RESEND THEIR STUFF, because they LEFT OUT CRUCIAL INFORMATION (and submitted what they did in an incoherent mess, so for the love of god please spell out what you wanted better) and no, I CAN’T JUST KEY IT TO GET IT OUT OF THE BOX.

I’m not going to say this, but maybe Tigress should go look in the portal emails, then she’d really goddamned lose her mind. There were perpetually like 78 in there (even after I worked on them), 95% of them being super weird questions I didn’t know the answer to. Seriously, our box is NOTHING compared to the public boxes the public service people handle. We mostly just deal with other employees in other offices, not just any old randoms.

In my own personal email box, I have a “waiting on” folder where I just chuck all the emails where someone has to respond to something before I can do anything and they didn’t bother to write back anytime soon, or far. I just leave them in there, and periodically if I get bored I go through the box and see if any of this crap ever resolved itself or if anyone was ever heard back from. I went through it today and went from 34 to 19 of them in there, which isn’t bad. And most of them these days are, shall we say, issues being blocked by you-know-what. Tigress would also lose her mind if she knew how many times I had to deal with (mostly international) clientele asking me to mail them something and then never bothering to place an order, which is also a factor of that box.

I think tomorrow I’m just going to suggest to her that I create a “Jennifer Pending” box and HIDE ALL THE EMAILS in it so she doesn’t lose her mind seeing them.

Cost Plus is back to advertising furniture buying. AGAIN. Come on, CP. I know you need to make the monies (though right now, their stores are physically closed), and I’m sure furniture is a Big Ticket Item, but if I were you, I’d lay off pushing that one for the time being. Like, how the hell is anyone going to GET said furniture if they actually want it right now?

I was supposed to get my toothbrush heads via FedEx today, according to Target. Nope.

I heard back from Jess. Since she’s actually chatty for a change, I took the opportunity to write her the entire saga of what happened between me and Scott (or more like, what didn’t). That took a while. Can’t believe that tomorrow makes it a year since I met him.

I signed up for a Slack channel years ago and returned after this happened, and one girl on there said she was doing a reader’s theater of Midsummer Night’s Dream and would let me in! Most main parts (except the lead guys, but god, I can’t do those) were gone, but I signed up for Snout, because I always figured I would have been cast as the wall had we had the show this year in Winters anyway. Attempted to send it to the guy theater friends, got no response. Of course.

I read this and frankly, I’m not sure what is the point? (It’s not like he’s talking anyway.) I bet it would just make it worse when you can’t be together and he previously didn’t want to anyway, right?

Sigh. (Also, he fucking knows. Still feel all “DAMMIT” on that.)

I also read this and frankly, it did not make me feel even a tiny bit better at the idea of walking around. This is about my exact situation: live in a neighborhood and not in the boonies, don’t have a washer/dryer and can’t go wash my clothes immediately after being outdoors. (And frankly, washing in the sink just sucks. Hard water, clothes come out wrinkled and VERY STIFF, it ain’t working.) I read this and frankly, the bad shit is confirming my fears. I had similar experiences being a health reporter and reading about STD’s.

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