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Spring Break Week

2014-03-26, 10:53 a.m.

So it's spring break here and the weather has gone from near-80 and sunny to raining. Sheesh, March, whatever happened to that lamb thing? Anyway, it is nicely quiet at work...mostly. I had my last work class--I've been taking an analytical series on Mondays--and I am sad to see it end. I really had something cool to look forward to on Mondays, plus I was only doing four days a week at my actual job. I'd like to hope that someday that class pays off in reality. Probably not, realistically speaking, but it was very entertaining in the meantime, and all I am about any more is the meantime.

I went three weeks without getting in trouble at work, but that streak is broken. However, far as I can tell, we ALL had to get in trouble for something someone ELSE did, because "nobody wanted to point fingers" at the lone person who uh, is known for running their mouth loudly on a particular subject that the rest of us wish she wouldn't do. Sigh. I don't even know any more. There is always something to pick on. But I am here until I'm canned or die, so....I will soldier on.

And speaking of drama in the workplace, Jackie lost her job. However, the bigwig place that she was working at was just so spectacularly awful that I suspect it is all for the best. Her industry is one known for cutthroat assholes, and she isn't one so that's well, a problem. While I should probably not repeat what was said to her, let's just say I think the word "lawsuit" could have been appropriate. Of course, you can't actually sue anyone or else you'll never have a job again, but holy damn, I'm still flabbergasted at someone's nerve. Meanwhile, she's all "I have savings and I'm going on vacation next week," so good for her on that.

In other news, my friend Monica is visiting this week and she is doing a whirlwind tour. She's basically been doing a lot of part-time work like babysitting (and selling crafts, and I forget whatall else) over the last couple of years, and when she told her old clients she was coming in for a visit, they immediately asked her to do some babysitting. So ironically she's working every day this week and making some money off of the trip, which is nice. Plus it keeps her entertained while I'm out all day. Last night we went over to Dawn's house for dinner and showing off craft projects and talking about geekery, followed by going over to Monica's old apartment and roommates and visiting them.

When Monica moved, she ended up with a lot of crap that she just could not fit into the moving truck, and it's been left at her old place (or at Dawn's) since then. One of her old roommates has been getting more annoyed about this, so Monica's plan has been that whenever she can get up here, she'll try to take some things back. But this time she came via Greyhound, so her ability to haul large amounts of crap is limited. But. This trip she was determined to take her vacuum with her, because "it's a really good vacuum." She brought her biggest duffel bag on wheels and her plan was to disassemble the vacuum and put it in the bag, along with whatever else she could cram in on top of it. And by god, she actually managed to disassemble the whole damn thing and fit it in the bag. I probably should have taken pictures of this. Of course, we're all going to wonder how well she can reassemble it, but we won't be around for that.

Monica has been kind of last minute cramming in seeing various people around her babysitting jobs, and one of the folks she forgot to inform of her visit was someone named Emily (who I don't know). Monica mentioned that she wanted to see Emily while we were over there, and her old roommate was, "I mentioned you were coming and invited her over, but Emily was insulted you didn't invite her and said she wouldn't come over if she wasn't invited." So we were all encouraging Monica to just call/text the girl directly to come over. However... Monica called to leave her a message and for whatever reason, had a massive brain fart and kept saying MY name instead of Emily's. DEAR GOD, YOU PROBABLY COULDN'T HAVE MADE THAT ONE ANY WORSE. Suffice it to say that Emily did not come over.

Tonight I will have a bit of time off because Monica is going out to dinner with some of her old clientele, and then there may be a return to the old roommate's house after that. Thursday night shall be a crafting party at Jamie's. It's a good thing it's spring break week so I have nothing else going on to worry about juggling in my schedule.

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