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Could Have Been Worse

2015-03-26, 4:20 p.m.

So yesterday was pretty asstastic. I started out the day in a fine mood from improv and then it devolved and I was freaking angry and super tired, blah de blah.

Today has actually been the reverse. I started out the day angry and frustrated and super busy AND I'm one of the few not taking a vacation day today--and most of the day has been like that. And then I heard of some other coworkers who are having a far worse time than me.

One person came over and said she'd been having A Day today--she found out some friend of hers at another job quit, something reminded her of her dead dad (I gave her a hug and said "Yeah, I went to a card making class and they were making Father's Day cards. In MARCH."), and she heard that another coworker of ours may or may not have actually quit on the spot and was packing up their desk. For the sort of record, I originally heard that he was packing up his desk, then a guy I know who works more closely with him said they were trying to talk him out of it. I do not know how this ended, I just heard he has difficulties with his boss and has been under stress lately. could be worse, I thought. So there's that. And I have been in a better mood by comparison, at least.

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