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An Empty Roll Of TP

2020-03-26, 8:52 p.m.

I’m not totally fried by the end of work today and I get Cesar Chavez Day off (for what that’s worth these days). Tigress did not lose it over the emails. Yay. I sat through another “health” lecture during lunch, which mostly was talking about how to help your children and I spent a lot of it on Ravelry looking for knitalong patterns. So it was a productive day, har.

We had another meeting with BigBoss today, during which she held up a empty roll of TP with an unhappy face drawn on it. I am deeply disappointed that I did not manage to screenshot this in time. One of my coworkers was all, “As an introvert, this is my dream. I've been training for it my whole life,” and my boss was all, “I have had seven Zoom meetings a DAY.”

Mostly BigBoss talked about the performance evaluations (which, again, are not due for most of us this month after all), which led to Tigress calling me afterwards to be all, “what was the point of that?” I agree. We HAVE to set some kind of goal about diversity and inclusion and I was all, how are we going to do that when we literally don’t see other people any more?!

Also, the landfill is shut down, in case you care. Once again, I am so glad I did my giant purge o’ junk in January so I don’t have to care. In other news, someone came down with it in an apartment complex and is “self-isolating at home.” This is all I feel like covering in today’s news.

I heard from Robert--he signed up for Flute/Thisbe in Midsummer Night’s Dream (yay) and I mentioned that I'm not really hearing from theater people and he said some folks are just more into real life communication than anything else--I get that, but these days that is going to be a problem. He said he'd heard from Scott briefly but Scott seems to be busy with the yarn shop. He was trying to encourage me to message Scott privately but I said I wasn't sure about that, I feel like I have to walk a fine line of not freaking him out or being Too Much, then had to leave it as "long story that I can't get into at work time" because I had yet another Zoom meeting coming up (3 today). Sometime I really should just tell Robert.... I don't know when that'll finally burst out.

Also, Linda sent out an invite for everyone to do reader’s theater and so far Jean, me, Cameron, Scott, Robert, other Robert (the exiled Duke in As You Like It) and Bridget said they were in. HUZZAH!

I like how Eventbrite is plugging online events now. I signed up for a variety show tomorrow night to stream, a magic show Saturday night, an astrology lecture Saturday afternoon and then there's the Shakespeare readers show Sunday. Pretty packed for a 3 day weekend in quarantine.

We'll see if I get up the nerve to go outside on my patio or not this weekend or not. I received toothbrush heads I ordered from Target today but I am afraid to touch the cardboard since they say it's on cardboard for 24 hours. I'll try to touch it and dispose of the cardboard after over 24 hours is up. (Sheesh, the world we live in.) I don't think I am going to leave my house, they talk about how you should totally decontaminate yourself and IMMEDIATELY THROW ALL YOUR CLOTHES IN THE LAUNDRY if you go outside and well, I'd have to use a laundromat and that makes it even worse. I know I need to exercise but I just can't figure this out...and I don't really want to much, to be honest. Not good.

I actually took a shower. I am now out of my favorite shampoo and am now down to uh, whatever bottles are still around the house. So I used some products my mom bought me and hoo boy, does that shit fucking smell chemical bad. Though for once it doesn’t matter as I am the only one smelling my own head.

Tonight I sat in on a Zoom conference call with a poet guy I'm acquainted with in Sacramento from the Avid Reader shows, who was putting on a "show" of talking with another friend of his about feeling connected while being apart. I wasn't really in the mood to say much or turn the camera on, but it was nice. Then I talked to Jackie, whose mom and grandma are pretty much off the deep end of sanity these days (her mom is constantly screaming and throwing things).

I'm getting more squares done...was behind yesterday, finished that one and am on to the new one. The designers are supposed to reveal what the project is tomorrow and it's "not what you think." I'd assume a tiny blanket or pillow, right?

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