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Smoking Shelter

2021-03-27, 10:20 p.m.

No, I didn't dream of another Tennant threesome last night, darn it. Instead I dreamed I was on the International Space Station.

Should I wait around for Jade to say she's available today? I am getting a giant cosmic NO in my soul from the universe about this one. Other than checking my email just in case, well, hahahhahah. I did watch a play called "Smoking Shelter" that she told me about that was airing in England, though. Andrew and Carol are hiding out in a smoking shelter by the hospital, chatting. She's already dying of cancer so what does it matter that she smokes. He used to be a doctor but now does pharmaceutical sales. As her time ticks down, it gets kind of Good Place-y about death giving meaning to life, etc.

Then they get into church, and Carol is all "gay people are welcome in MY church" and obviously uh, Andrew has some different feelings on this topic. If you don't believe, then there's nothing, Carol says, and she can't take that.

Andrew missed a girl's brain tumor ("size of a blueberry") and she died and it was pointed out to him by EVERYBODY. Of course they sued and he got fired. "If God does exist, he's a bit of a dick." "My five minutes of rambling ruined a lifetime of belief?" Now she's mad and wants him to take it back.

In Act 2, they celebrate Christmas for her early, with a carrot and an e-cig, which they both hate. We finally find out that his 9-year-old is in the hospital with leukemia. He lost his license 2 years ago and would have to wait a 3rd year to reapply and have all the money (a grand) to start over again. Does he really like selling drugs for money? Not really...she offers it to him.

When Carol's all "God doesn't need to worry about me" any more after leading Andrew through a prayer, I'm suddenly all "is she dead by now? Like they said an hour and a half ago that she had a week to live... has he noticed?"

OH, SURPRISE! THE KID IS IN THE PLAY NOW! "Where's the lady?" he asks. I guess Carol's died by now. I was suspecting after awhile that Carol had died and asked in the chat afterwards and the playwright and his wife said, "Yes, she died by Act 2!" Some people said that he wouldn't have been thrown out for such a small mistake, nor would he have had been the one to find it, and "a thousand pounds would go nowhere."

Other than that, I walked around on my patio, then I read/watched videos/knitted on the patio. And I'm still trying to catch up on the extra videos I didn't watch from Texas Storytelling. My goal is to finish all 12 eggs in the knitalong by the end of it tomorrow and I'm on egg 8, so.... a pretty do-nothing day. But it's been nice, I feel like I've had two Saturdays this week.

I went back to watching stuff from Texas Storytelling I didn't catch the first time.

I'm watching the Sam Payne solo interview and someone asks what he wishes people would ask and he's all, "Almost nobody asks me about the time I got arrested for armed robbery." He and his dad, specifically, were in the same kind of car as some people who had robbed a convenience store that night. His dad was a regional celebrity as a singer/songwriter, so they were fans..."We know this is probably a misunderstanding, Mr. Payne...." they said as they handcuffed him....

I was also surprised that he's a radio host at BYU and it...sounds like he has a "former spouse" and was estranged from half of his family due to "the beliefs of my former spouse" and he's only been remarried again for 2 years. His second wife insisted on him setting up a recording studio in-house, and then Covid hit, so he's really been able to work from home. After running out of questions, the moderator asked if Sam had anything to ask the audience. After saying he doesn't know anybody, he said, "How many of YOU have been arrested for armed robbery?" The moderator(?) was all, "I've been thrown into jail! How many people have been thrown into jail!"

Then I watched (in full) the story slam. The first story was a newlywed guy who was trying to do a nice dinner and clean the house for his wife, and he made the mistake of saying he vacuumed "for you," and they ended up fighting all night. He's still married. End of story. The host guy was literally all..."that was a story...."

Next up, the power of submissive posture: this lady heard Mike Rowe telling a story about turning his job of "try to sell products you don't know what they are" into asking people to call in and tell him what the heck the things were.

I will summarize #3 as, "How did you meet?" "Peeling garlic." #4: about getting Christmas presents.

5: was playing Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream in a too-big leotard, and everyone was cracking up seeing his white undies peeking through the black outfit. Oh yeah, and he lit the house on fire with fireworks--in December. "Setting your pants on fire is an extremely quotable thing as well."
(And that's where I came in last time!)

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