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2005-03-29, 4:20 p.m.

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So, I finally have the schedules for ALL of the new (non-academic, obviously, since I'm a "no grad school" rebel) classes on campus.

And seriously, my head is about to split open on deciding what to take.

Classes at the CC I am considering: enameling (six Mondays), continuing wire jewelry (four Saturdays), tie-dye workshop (one Saturday), airbrush painting (four Mondays), marbling (one Sunday).

Wire jewelry is a given- I am THERE, baby, even if the timing isn't the best for me- and I'm pretty sure I am taking the tie-dye workshop as well. Marbling always looks pretty to me, and while I don't do much in the way of paper arts, it'd be pretty and cheap and is offered at a good time (plus it is a fabric art). Airbrush painting is something I haven't the faintest idea how to do, so that would be cool.

Enameling is where I am stumped, though. On the one hand, it's a new class, so that's exciting. On the other hand, I really don't have much in the way of metalsmithing skills. Back on the first hand, I like the teacher. Back on the second hand, it will be offered again, she said so. Mainly the problem is that (a) it's a cool thing to do, but (b) I'm just not excited about it, because I kind of suck at metalsmithing. Well, I don't suck, but it's hard and I'm meh at it. I have to admit deep down that I'm not excited at the idea of taking it for six Mondays in a row.

Airbrush painting has similar concerns timewise, though it's at least two weeks shorter than the other one. But I'll get into the time concerns later.

Classes at the EC I'm considering taking: Improv class (Wednesday nights, six classes), magic class (Wednesday nights, six classes), propaganda class (Tuesday nights, nine classes), Dancers Fitness (in perpetuity).

Okay, dance class is a given, but the other three? Magic sounds cool, but the blurb on it indicates that this is learning street magic in order to pick up chicks on the street. Since um, I don't plan on doing that, it inclines me slightly not to take it.

I don't have major rabid interest in propaganda, but the fact that this school is even offering such a class (and I believe it's a one-time thing?) and for free interests me, plus it's being taught by some of the campus er, interesting people. I figure if it's free I could drop in and out, I guess. But I dunno.

Improv is the one I like best, even though I can't act for crap. I had fun doing that stuff years ago. But... there is a time issue here too. (See below.)

And finally...

Classes at the gym I am considering:
Mondays: abs class, cardio class, "Dance Fusion" (you can bet I am swooning over "Dance Fusion" already. It's cardio, dance, and ballet! *heartheartheart*).
Tuesdays: toning class, abs class, toning class.
Wednesdays: TWO kickboxing classes(!!!) and another toning class. I've always wanted to take kickboxing, and now they're finally offering classes when I can take them! (Plus I wouldn't be paying an extra $45 to take shanshou kickboxing, which they also offer, but I can't take it due to my volunteering time anyway.)

Even more awesome, though not extremely relevant to this discussion, is now they are offering classes (toning, more kick boxing, step basics) on weekends. Hopefully once I don't have to be with My Loving Family all weekend, every weekend, I can TAKE them.

Here's the thing: I have been spoiled this quarter, not having a whole lot of CC/EC classes going on on weekdays. I've had 2-3 free weeknights a quarter to indulge myself in taking gym classes, and I've loved them. Now I'm actually wanting to take CC/EC classes on weeknights again....AND the nights I'd be most interested in taking CC/EC classes on are the best nights for classes at the gym. I mean, I REALLY want to take dance fusion and kickboxing. I am drooling at the idea. I'm loving this fitness thing (hell, I was at the gym for 3 hours again last night), and it makes me sad to think that I'd have to cut down my workout hours and class hours to take other things. I like the idea of trying to take a bunch of the weekend-only CC classes the way I did this quarter, especially since they'd prevent me from going home.

I can probably pass up enameling, even if I could get it for free, even though I told some people at the CC that I'd take it. If I'm not totally excited at the idea of taking it, perhaps I shouldn't. Could probably pass up airbrush class as well, and just take the gym classes Monday night. That's not a major decision.

But dammit, I wanna take kickboxing AND improv at the same time! Aiee! What to do, what to do?

I guess what I could do is go to the full-on set of kickboxing/toning classes for a few weeks until improv starts. Improv runs from 7:30-9:30, and the first kickboxing class is 6-7 that night (second one 7-8). So I could keep going to the first class, if not the second and third, on the nights I have improv. The toning class is offered twice a week anyway, as is the second kickboxing class, so I guess I could take cardio kickboxing on Sunday nights if I'm in town.

Hm. I guess I kind of figured out a solution to this on my own, didn't I?

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