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2018-03-31, 9:14 p.m.

On March 31 I went to a storytelling event in the next town over, which looks like it is going to be a regular thing on the last Saturday of the month. Mom was going to be in town for this, so Dawn (who was already planning on going) ah...had to deal with Mom. Which was ok until Mom and I got in a fight in the car on the way home about UPS, which I said sucked and she was all, "Why don't you call them?" and she defended UPS up the wazoo and ... yeah, I would rather have not had that fight in front of someone else. Whee.

But anyway. I enjoyed the experience. It went on for a long time--they sent me the program list early that day, then sent another one that they changed up like an hour or two beforehand, then they seemed to have changed it up during the show, and it was going on to at least 10:30 by the time everyone else was getting way fed up with me and wanting to leave. They had musicians in the show, which Dawn did not enjoy one bit because we sat in the front row and they were way too loud for her, so she kept leaving during that. It was a variety of performers, some local and some not. I really liked the lady from Oakland who did several stories with a Scherezade theme, she was fun.

I had asked ahead of time what the time limit was and the guy I talked to didn't really give me one, other than "1-2 stories." I suspected that might not be the case so I asked the lady running it who sent me the schedules that morning and she said "5-10 minutes," so I did Meg's dead bird. Mom filmed it. I did it on my own timing, so maybe ran about 6.5-7 minutes or so. It really went well, I think the story works best at that length without having to be oh no, 5 minutes or less! But I suspect if they keep doing these events in the future they will have to start forcing folks to prune it down, or whatever.

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