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The Power Of Opposite Thinking

2019-03-30, 9:50 p.m.

I had never heard of Daffodil Hill before this week.

On Thursday, Meg asked if it was going on this year and her son was all “oh, it’s WAY over for the year.” I had no idea what they were talking about.

On Friday, Loretta mentions it and I repeat what I heard about how it’s over. She’s all, “no, I just saw on the news that it is opening tomorrow.” To which I was all, uh, then I guess the news is a better source than mine, then. She mentioned that Loretta was doing a trip up there this weekend, if she could get up the mojo.

(Note: Dawn took an anniversary trip to Reno with her husband this week. It pretty much sucked rancid donkey balls and went wrong on almost every level, worst moment of that being summarized as “14-hour wait.” But at least he liked her gift.)

Since I wanted to go out of town this weekend and wanted some distraction and had no better ideas as to where to go or what to do, I said sure, I’ll go along. Even if it meant leaving at 8 a.m. on a 3-day weekend and a Saturday and I was seriously sleeping about half the day in the car.

Anyway, turns out if you want to park at this place, you’d better arrive around opening time, which we about did, after a brief detour to attempt to look at Preston Castle (still closed).

It’s very pretty. Has daffodils all over. There’s also a couple of peacocks and some peahens hiding out in the back. I briefly got to photograph the regular peacock (the white one was AWOL) from a major distance. I did, however, get a peacock feather, and some postcards, and a cute daffodil and peacock pin. They do not have daffodils for sale (well, a few but not really a go-er, as far as I could tell), go figure. It’s pretty much “go out and photograph the daffodils.”

After that we went to Jackson, where we hit the bookstore and Baker Street West, which is something quite amazing to see. The second floor of the building has a giant floor space that has a large middle space for special dining events (Dawn went to one, which is how she’s heard of this) and has plays on occasion. Mostly there are a bunch of Baker Street stores inside that you can walk though, though I’m not sure on whether or not things were on sale (I think at least a few were). There’s a Sherlock room, a clothing store, an apothecary (not enterable), a tea shop, a bar, a honey store, and a toy store. There are cat doors for the cat, Edgar Allan Poe. There is a hidden Sherlock’s apartment in the back (locked today), with an ominous chemistry table.

This sounds like a fun thing to do if we could come back to it later. Who knows. Anyway, super cool to check out.

We also wandered up and down Main Street and went into some stores and enjoyed the Rosebud Cafe. Then we hit the Joann’s because I spotted it and Dawn wanted stuff. I got some cute buttons and a book on life hacks that is freaking amazing. Then we went to Grocery Outlet and bought stuff I wanted that they’ve run out of at home.

We didn’t get home until lateish. I had planned on going to the Comedy Spot that night for Femmefest, but oh well.

Oh. And then there’s THIS.

The director of the show I auditioned for was supposed to call around the end of the week. I figured reasonably at this point that uh...well, I already knew the answer to how this was going to go. I didn’t plan on answering the phone if I heard it ring (note: normally I don’t since 90% of the time I have to have it on silent anyway in life, plus almost every call these days is a spammer spoofing my area code so these days I wait and see if someone actually leaves something), I figured “eh, I’ll just read the voicemail transcription.” I didn’t feel like having the Gumbo rejection call all over again, y’know?

Anyway, the call was made (I didn’t hear it), voicemail was left, and I waited a while until I had an idle moment (i.e. waiting in a very long bathroom line in which clearly someone must have been in utter distress for twenty minutes, in a one stall bathroom with “old toilets that clog” and, as we found out later, was also out of TP, so nobody could go after that) to check the voicemail.

Y’all, I have saved the screenshot I took of this voicemail.


My first ever! Hell, I don’t even get second interviews for jobs!

She said I performed beautifully but she was trying to figure out who to cast as what, and can I come for a callback at 7:30 on Tuesday? HELL YES!

This may mean I have to bail out of CC volunteering for the quarter--I’d miss at least four weeks of shifts--but hell, I’ll do it if I have to.

I definitely think I should be playing Sister Albert Maria/Terry though. I could rock that. I’m a turdball weirdo too. I did not say this when I called back, though!

I am not entirely sure if this is a second cattle call sort of thing or a “I’ve already picked the number of people and will now assign parts,” thing, I guess we shall see! (Or do a count of the cast and if there’s more than 11 women there, figure it out for myself.)

So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a thing about "the power of opposite thinking." It seems like if I'm pretty sure about a thing happening or getting cocky about it, the universe likes to do a little "nuh-uh, bitch, don't get cocky" and then it doesn't happen, a la this year's Gumbo. But if I am in doubt and resign myself to not getting in and blah de blah...OPPOSITE THINKING WINS OUT! Same thing happened when I was trying to get into the advanced writing classes in college.

So this may have all worked out for the best!

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