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2003-03-31, 5:45 p.m.

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So, I've started attempting to work on the website. So far it's going...slow. If you check Sweet Disorder now you will find this blurb: "Hello. You have reached, just in case you weren't like, paying attention or something. At the moment, I'm still trying to figure out how to put stuff up here and what exactly will go up here. Dare I say it, this is (insert drumroll of doom here)...under construction. More will come later."

I figured after all my various years of having freebie sites on Geocities, Tripod, here, pitas, and blurty that I might be fairly well versed as to how to put up files and pictures, etc., but the new hosting thing has thrown me off a bit.

Here's my progress report:

* E-mail: I've done the best so far on this, managing to set up my sweetdisorder webmail and Dave's. I love that any name can be sent @sweetdisorder and it goes to me. I sent myself an e-mail at tawdrysexmonkey@sweetdisorder and got it. Hee. I am five.

* FTP: I don't have to use it with Verve, which is luverly. Especially since the CuteFTP program I had seems to have disappeared off my computer and I don't want to go buy another one. I can even just handcode and post it. Yay to that.

* Pictures: FINALLY managed to figure this out. I tried uploading some while at Dave's, but had no idea that the four biggest ones were somehow left in .BMP format. Also, I was a dingbat and paid no attention that all the file names had spaces in them. Naturally, not did none of the ones I tried from his house work, the .BMP's were undeleteable and unrecognized. Yet they were there, and huge.

This led me to e-mailing tech support...which was fabulous. I got a fast response and them deleted... on a SUNDAY. A SUNDAY, people! I'm practically phobic about tech support between dealing with HP and SBC for years, and now here's somewhere where you get things done? Whoa. Dude.

So anyway, a whole bunch of pictures are uploaded.

The icky one, however, is...

* Moveable Type installing. I could cry. I don't really understand what the heck the document's talking about, and not only have I been messing with Internet stuff for ages, I was in a frigging Linux club for years! I feel soooo stupid. Hell, I spent over an hour trying to determine if WinZip had downloaded the files right and what the hell "classic mode" even IS. I should have known better than to think I could do it myself without having to beg half the Internet for help and scanning forums I also don't comprehend.

I'd really rather not pay to get it installed, but if worst comes to worst... I love pitas, but the weblog could use a makeover. It would be nice to make archives that could be messed with if I had to. And everyone with MT adores it (just check the Scalzi love of late) and says it's easy to use. It's just not so easy to install.

Oh well, at least Kismet, another new Verve person, is having the same problem, so I don't feel so alone!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the site, per se. I want to do the weblog on it, and I want to put the Star Wars stuff up, but what else? I need to come up with some sort of mutual homepage thing, not to mention debate it with Dave as to what we're going to do on that. And then there's the whole "what other projects shall I try?" issue. I wondered today when I read my horoscope and it said "You're on the verge of a major adjustment in your life."...

I blew yet more money today on signing up for the classes I mentioned earlier. My last enormous splurge this month...and hopefully for awhile, since I have GOT to be much better behaved in April!

Much to my utter frustration, the sign language class has been moved from Mondays to Thursdays. Precisely the ONE day I wanted to avoid taking classes on because my birthday's on a Thursday this year. (Not that I ever have any plans for the day beyond dinner with the parents, mind you...) Monday would have been easier to deal with, plus nothing happens then. And after signing up, it occurred to me: what am I going to do about the whole nasty mouth surgery thing? The class goes till the beginning of June, and if I have to take time off...not that I need to SPEAK in sign language class, mind you, but it'd be nice to not be doped up in agony. Maybe I'll have to postpone the mouth torture until June and cut it close for layoff, who am I kidding, it's the state, not until July, right?

I did get one money happy: the remaining rebate for the CD burner I bought in November finally came in during the weekend. Took 'em long enough, but I can use it!

The weather got really nice today. I actually wore sandals for the first time in ages, and as usual, my uber-tender feet are now whining a bit about it. (You'd think after ten years of BALLET they wouldn't get sore every time I changed shoes...) At lunch I even took my long-sleeved shirt off that I had on over my sleeveless dress. It felt like summer.

They're predicting over a week of straight rain after today, and I was all, the hell? No way. Since lately, predictions of rain haven't worked out well, I was hoping this wouldn't happen.

Well, I went out for break today at 3:30, and it had gotten cold and windy once again. Guess it's gonna rain after all. Waaaaah. Back to the heavy coats and heavy shoes.

I am debating on what to do about the hair issue. Dave was basically pleading with me to stop dyeing it for six months to a year and to cut it short, since it's looked kinda bad (at best) since I got pneumonia. That didn't make me feel too good. Especially since dyeing my hair is the only "good" thing about it since it got so trashed and thin. And, well, I hate short hair.

Then again, if it grows back the same as it used to be, I'll be forced to cut it all off eventually. Argh. Wah. I already seem to have some hairs that are a few inches long buried at the back of my neck.

Though if I'm forced to, this isn't bad. I guess.

I keep putting off mentioning this in entry after entry, but Dave moving here is most definitely off for this year. God only knows what is going to happen at this point. But he has to get the car running first before he can move, and this is looking like it will cost a fuckload. And thanks to his various ER visits when he had no health insurance, he's got a ton of those bills to pay off. Adding to that saving up for living in a town where he'd have to commute and 2/3 of his money would go towards just plain living expenses anyway? Hah. I don't think he could pay any of that off if he moved here.

I am not looking forward to the stress of new-roommate finding (waaaah), but at least now I know it won't happen.

So, it's off, much to our dismay. I have no idea when we're ever going to be able to do wedding planning (2010?) at this rate of money trouble. I don't know who will move where. He's really pushing me to move there now, as I think he's given up on the idea of ever leaving that town altogether. "You can get a really nice apartment for $500 a month!", etc. Sigh. And yet I don't want to move there, given all the crime and whatnot.

We're both tired of worrying about money. Hell, I'm even wigging about my birthday present. He's been talking for months about getting a new DVD player and getting me one as well. We went over to get "mine" over the weekend, only once he got it in his arms he didn't want to give it up and said he'd get mine later. Admittedly, I didn't have a convenient way to get it home and wouldn't be able to use it immediately there so it would have been staying at his house for awhile even if it stayed "mine", but I felt annoyed anyway. I normally wouldn't care, but given how his luck goes, I fully expect that something ELSE financially draining will come up and by my birthday, the DVD money will have to go to paying something else urgently. (Really, he shouldn't be getting me anything with those medical bills, but he has been insisting.) Things keep on going like that.

It doesn't help my worrying any to hear him gripe about how he's REALLY sick of getting abuse at work. He goes back and forth between liking his job, wanting to quit, and wondering if he'll get canned for not making "goal" (even though as far as I can tell, nobody must be making goal if he's in the top 10% of people there) all the time. Oy.

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