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Funky Little Pattern

2006-03-31, 5:49 p.m.

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I read the opening of kismet's entry today and it really resonated with me: "I find myself oddly unwilling to take any steps that might change the funky little pattern that my life is locked into right now." And oddly enough, her pattern sort of sounds similar to mine. During the day, I go to work. At night, I go to the gym (or soon again, classes at the CC). And I don't do much work around the house. And I don't particularly want to upset the routine.

Duh, y'all say. Heh. Which reminds me: I haven't officially decided yet, but I think I am just going to keep my old apartment and live single in a double if I have to. The deciding factor in this was doing the math to see how much money I'd have to save up and put down for a single apartment, versus paying an extra $100ish for the double for another year,'s cheaper to live single in a double. Go figure.

Anyway, Jess was requesting that I put in a list of classes I will be or want to take next quarter, so she can be all envious. As requested...

Monday nights: I am FINALLY signed up for glass sculpture. As of this quarter, they are offering it for half price (though never as a free class). I also had almost $90 in Craft Center credit, so I used it. Seven nights of er, figuring out how to make glass animals or something? It's a new instructor, so I'm not sure what he'll do. He's normally the marble/vessel guy, so I guess he'd be inclined to make...round stuff.

On the nights that isn't going on, I'll probably go to the gym and do step class. Maybe try the "afro-latin cardio" class, whatever the hell that is. But glass sculpture goes really long, so I won't do that often.

Tuesday nights: volunteering.

Wednesday nights: writer's group half the time, step class and/or belly dance (it's an extra charge class, I'm not sure if it'll be worth the bucks or not, I'll try it on "drop-in" basis) at the gym otherwise.

Thursday nights: step class, again.

I am thinking about taking a two-week self-hypnosis class. I tried signing up for a class like this several quarters ago, but it didn't get the enrollment. Maybe it'll work this time, who knows. Not really believing it's going on until it happens, you know?

Weekends: Dancers Fitness on Saturday mornings like usual, kickboxing and step on Sunday nights like usual. Workshopwise, I'm going to take frit painting and gemstone wire wrapping again. I want to try going to a day's workshop on how to make my own zine (not that I have anyone to distribute such a thing to, other than perhaps leaving it around the CC. Hm, wait, actually it would be quite popular if I put one out at the CC on the freebie table...), though it's the day before Easter and I kind of wonder how well that's going to work. Mom said I could sign up for it because she probably wouldn't get up here until it was over, so I'll try. And I want to sign up for an afternoon's cooking lesson, assuming THAT gets enough people to run.

How's that, Jess? Heh.

Anyway, I had today off (thank you, Cesar Chavez) and as per my usual on a day off, I went to the gym and went shopping.

As for the shopping, I bought MORE yarn to make something from The Happy Hooker book. I don't know why I keep buying stashes of yarn to make stuff months before I'll actually get to making it. Maybe it's while I have the bucks, but I also suspect it's because the yarn store's supply is getting REALLY weird of late, and I feel like I have to buy up the yarn I want while they still freaking carry it. I also got a interesting magazine with some patterns I like for summer, and the "Generation T" T-shirt surgery book I've been lusting after for like a month. I think I really am going to start cutting up some shirts after Whole Earth is over, especially since I ended up buying this shirt, but it's huge.

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