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Virtual Reader's Theater: Robin Hood, The Musical

2020-03-31, 9:11 p.m.

I don’t feel like talking about work much. I do not feel utterly fried by the end of the day, so there’s something nice. Tigress wanted me to call her at 8:15 to tell her what I was working on because she wanted me working in the group email box, and I was all, “can’t, I got a lot of emails in my personal box, I have to deal with those because I’m the only one who can.” Which I emailed because seriously, we did not need to have a phone call to cover that bit of info. Later she and I had a bit of a gripe session on how drowning we are, and then later had a nice gripe session with our boss about how the email pile is just too damn big to handle. I spent a lot of the day messing with a new template and trying to get that to work. I kept pointing out that it would be nice if it wasn’t on auto-save every time I did something to it since I have to reuse the thing, but nope, that didn’t get fixed.

Today’s therapy call: my shrink told me that she is Ubering out to get acupuncture (to which I was all, isn’t that banned like getting your hair done?) and she said it REALLY helped her to not be all angry and upset these days and when this is over, maybe I should try it. I guess that’s something to consider. My shrink is like, the most adventuresome person I know during this time, apparently. She’s not exactly an Irwin from the Newsfleshverse yet (imagine Steve Irwin if he was a daredevil reporter in a zombieverse), but these days the standards are low.

She sent me a picture of the empty street (same thing as Patience describes here), and said that she’s being harassed by homeless people coming up to her asking for change. Someone is making her a face mask and she asked to have “Get the fuck away from me” embroidered on hers.

She also told me that her mother got a very ominous phone call from a longtime friend of hers saying “CALL ME.” I would like to point out that anyone saying “CALL ME” gives me the automatic wiggins (Tigress keeps doing it) because most of the time when someone demands that you call them, it’s not good, and these days?... Anyway, the friend was calling to complain, “After 80 years, you forgot my birthday.” Well, gee, I guess we’re all a little distracted these days...

Anyway, we discussed my agoraphobia and she said to try to take one more step than usual per day outside the door (see, Jackie?), and then well, whether or not it is okay to contact someone who may very well not be in the mood for that. She said she thought it would be fine. I still...fuck, I don’t know. I wish and wash back on that topic. But tonight I had an excuse to get around that one....

My periodontist and dentist have decided to shut down until May. CANCELED APPOINTMENTS, YO!!!!

The Craft Center is now making “face shields” (don’t ask me what the difference is between that and masks), spread out through the building, they said, for the med center. Well, I’m glad that somebody will get paid for that. I fear they aren’t getting paid....hell, I don’t know if even Jared (the lone non-student employee) gets paid if they are closed.

I’m amused that Arne and Carlos’s podcast today was Carlos grumpy ranting (in a quiet Norwegian sort of way) about how he doesn’t like Facebook, but started a group for this knitalong anyway, then managed to accidentally leave the group, not be able to get back in, and can’t get his admin privileges back.

So tonight was reading Robin Hood: The Musical. 15...ish? people doing this one via the group setting on Zoom. This was really fun, actually. Seriously so much more into the visual chatting when I actually like, know people...or let’s face it, actors, because I don’t know the Midsummer folks IRL but they seem nice, and I like Claire for obvious reasons of letting me into her show.

The distraction was really nice, y’all, to not be thinking about you-know-what even if we were doing something we’d normally do in person virtually. I dunno how into the script I am in some respects--I like the Robin Hood song parodies, but the lady parts are really weak and could use some beefing. Marian has two ladies-in-waiting, they have a few lines and then run off to join the Robin Hood band/date guys, and then there’s two more later that also don’t do much. Also I’m not sure how much point there is in having one-off characters here and there, maybe they should recur a bit more? But...not my business, right? I never did any official playwriting, just tried it here and there occasionally and never showed anyone. Like the one where I actually tried to write in iambic pentameter for God only knows what reason. English class?

Some folks (Robin, Marian mostly) were double cast tonight with Cody and Mark on Robin and Elizabeth and Cameron as Marian. Really, could go either way there, since both those guys are gonzo amusing and the ladies are of course, court ladies. It was good to see Mark again, and I asked if he was going to set up a Disney ride in his house since his house is all Disney. He said he’d seen the Haunted Mansion one and mentioned considering doing Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Seriously, I hope he does it, he has like, most of the rides in his house as is.

I was a part you’ve never heard of and was only in the first few scenes--a guy who’s out poaching and gets caught and then Robin saves his bacon. I also sing, “Oh, the Normans and the Saxons can’t be friends,” which was fun, but otherwise I was just kinda knitting ‘n chilling on mute and making comments nobody could hear. Oh, I miss the in person snarking in rehearsals. And then I was all, OH YEAH, THERE’S A CHAT ON THESE THINGS, so I amused myself on that until others started noticing and doing same. I give Cody all the points that don’t matter for noticing first.

Scott was King John and of course did a spectacularly evil job at it. And was cracking me up with the hammery at times. I was amused that he got assigned “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” as a song there since he’s so into Jeremy Irons in Lion King. At one point his character is all, “Oh, Marian will do whatever I want, she’s just a woman anyway,” and I flipped the bird at the screen. Muahahahah. I laugh-bombed YOU this time, sir.

(On a weird note: I’m watching some Jimmy Kimmel monologue while writing this up and he’s like, showing clips from The Lion King with different voiceover? I looked up and was all, wtf is this?)

Not sure what’s going on after that, or at least Linda said she didn’t know what was going to happen next. From her last email it didn’t sound so much like “Hey, we’ll record this later” and more like “This was a one-off activity,” sigh. I guess we’ll see. (I wrote her back to ask but got no response.) I really wanted to say, “Hey, let’s do this again next week just for kicks?” but was a good girl and restrained myself.


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