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2003-04-01, 5:53 p.m.

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This entry is NOT an April Fool's joke. Let's just get that out of the way right now, because I'm tired of spending the entire day wondering if everything people said is a lie or not. This is wearing me out having to doublethink about EVERYTHING I see online.

I'm with Juliekins on the whole thing. I normally haven't had much opinion on the day one way or the other- it's not exactly been observed anywhere I've lived in person- but today has just gotten on my nerves.

Julie and I both fell for the Pound thing today. Yeah, perhaps we were too gullible for not thinking "It's APRIL FOOLS, it's APRIL FOOLS" all fucking day long. Sigh. It's not up any more, but Wendy had an entry on her page today complaining that people kept calling the site "PoundY" instead of Pound and how it was driving her batshit, so she was going to quit the site altogether. I was perhaps especially horrified since I was well, one of those who did that. (I was thinking specifically of her URL when I wrote that, but since I didn't put .com after it, I guess I have no excuse.) So suffice it to say after all of the stuff she'd said in that thread, I thought she meant it. It sounded well, very close to home. And I promptly started self-flagellating a bit for pissing yet ANOTHER person off, again.

This was about the point where I found out that er, it was all BS.

I don't mind Internet jokes on AFD as long as, well, you can tell they are jokes. Parody sites are great fun. But reading several entries (Uncle Bob was not the only one to announce a pregnancy) that were claiming something plausible, and going through this thread, which got so nasty that, well, you can see what I and some others said about it... I can see where they were trying to be funny on that, but...ergh.

I have a problem when the purpose of the thing is to trick and fool you into thinking something was actually happening, and then the perpetrator laughs at you for being a gullible idiot. Out-of-the-blue-yet-not-impossible stuff (like an "oops" pregnancy) happens, so you at least do a double take. But where Pound threw me for a loop was that the entire thing was very plausible, given the stuff she'd said in that thread. It just wasn't at all clear that it was a joke.

Okay, I know that's the point of April Fool's, to fuck with people's heads and make them feel like losers because they are not smart enough to figure out that you lied, but... I dunno. It somehow wasn't fun or funny this year when that happened.

Or I'm just a lameass with no sense of humor.

Well, life played a big April Fool's joke on me today, and I am royally pissed.

Here's the situation: I have to go home this coming weekend to get my glasses fitted.

Next weekend, Dave is moving. I was planning on coming up then, though I didn't know how much of a good idea that might be given the mess going on. The weekend after that was Picnic Day weekend, which he may or may not have gone to, depending on how moving went the weekend before.

Well, fuck. I found out today that Picnic Day is the SECOND weekend in April instead of the third weekend the way it has been for oh, forever, presumably because guess what, EASTER is the third weekend and apparently it is Not Okay to conveniently mix the two together like I thought would work.

So not only is him coming for Picnic Day ruled out, not only is me coming to see him the second weekend ruled out, I (a) get to spend almost every weekend in April in the bosom of my loving family, and (b) I won't see Dave until the end of the month.

Waaaaaaah. Big fat waaaah.

I wish I'd frigging known about this earlier, so at least it wouldn't come as a big surprise the way it has. I made the mistake of telling Dave this via AIM while he was at work, right around the time when he caught shit from the coworker he seems to be getting a vendetta against (said coworker is practicing nepotism and Dave is one of those formally complaining about how coworker's kids and girlfriend get away with whatever they want). I think he was about to have a meltdown.

But there's nothing that can be done about this situation. I got the message during all the last holiday fights that Dave is persona non grata at family events, I'm not even going to try discussing that again. Hell, after I told Mom that I'd figured out Picnic Day is next weekend, she sent me a pouty e-mail saying that if Dave had come to Picnic Day, they wouldn't have come. Oy.

There were at least three good things about the day: payday, I got out of work for an hour and a half for a retirement seminar (not that I'm likely to be there long enough to get those fat benefits, mind you, but man, the school provides a LOT for you that I'd be a fool to leave voluntarily), and I got several new geeky books. I was a bad girl on the first day of the month, but oh well.

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