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April Fool's Is Cancelled

2020-04-01, 9:29 p.m.

April Fool’s is fucking canceled, y’all, the world sucks enough without pranks.

My county has extended shelter in place until May 1, which is unsurprising. Wither the Bay Area goest, we go the next day. “The extension of the order follows increasing transmission of COVID-19 in California counties, including 28 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yolo County to date, with one fatality. The majority of cases became infected through community spread.”

During my morning Zoom meetings, I found out that (a) another office has 2000+ emails and 500+ portal questions, so they’re even worse than we have, and (b) oh noes, so sad, the company that they ordered webcams for lost our order. I’m so sad...NOT. Good. Lose it forever. NO WORK WEBCAM, THANKYOUVERYMUCH. They also wanted us to talk about what exercise we are getting, but they managed to forget to ask me, because I am all NO, I AM NOT TAKING A WALK IN THE FRESH AIR AND SUNSHINE and no, I don’t want to throw a dance party either. I’m not going to quite say that dancing and music are the last things I wanna do (“go outside” is that), but for once they are circling the bottom.

Oh, my boss heard from that guy who perpetually drops out....he dropped out again. SHOCKING....not. Will he ever finish, she asked. I said no, literally that guy is going to DIE before he ever finishes his ties with our giant organization. I mostly just mean that because thanks to his perpetual dropping out he’s the world slowest progresser, but then I thought “oh, right, coronavirus...” and now it’s a bad joke because he’s elderly.

I am exhausted from work again. I had to go through some giant pile of errors, and for whatever reason the shitty program I had to use was not working for me like it was for Tigress. Normally there’s a queue of errors I can go through, but for some reason it wasn’t working for me and I had to basically go through piles of shit like it was a scavenger hunt to find all the problems. Meanwhile she’s messaging me, “what number are you on?” and “let’s do the last 14” and I’m thinking, what are you talking about? I can’t even see what you are seeing. However, I did not want to tell her this because frankly, I did NOT have the energy to go down the rabbit hole of phone call, trying to explain what it’s doing multiple times, let’s set up a Zoom meeting so I can see your screen.... GOD I DON’T CARE NO MORE. I am pretty sure I made a few errors BUT I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THAT BECAUSE I HAVE NO ENERGY FOR THIS. I was about ready to have a meltdown between 2:45 and 3:45, I’ll put it that way..and I still had to make it until 5.

Arne and Carlos are having “Porridgegate” and Carlos has gone on strike. That is your fun soap opera update for the day. “Arne is now making waffles, so who’s sorry now?” More from Carlos on yesterday’s drama: “We’re not best friends right now, but I have decided to forgive Facebook for locking me out of our own group.” Which is to say, he still has to put up with people wanting to use Facebook. And, “We are running out of things to talk about, Porridgegate has been taking up a lot of our time now.”

I spent a lot of time on the phone tonight, with Meg and Mauricio. Mauricio is doing fine despite working in the medical profession (he does medical tests at a hospital). He was all, “I’m concerned, but I have my mask and gloves on....” Otherwise, he sounds pretty fine and was all “don’t go out if you don’t have to.” Hear, hear.

Meg is also doing fine. That girl that was supposed to be moving in when I was last down there has moved in--I guess when she showed up it was too awkward to change your mind now--and Meg said that was going well enough, she’s still talking to the dubious older boyfriend (sigh). Otherwise, Meg is cheerful, talking about projects, what have you.

I decided to use my Amazon gift card money on ordering myself a copy of The Transformation Game (which was $32....usually that game is $60!) and a Remington Steele DVD. Now I have bought myself my own birthday presents, I guess. We’ll see if they do show up in time for my birthday. I also pre-ordered two books at my local bookstore (which is now online-only), so hope that helps them out. If I actually place an order on Amazon for something, it has to be for either cheap e-books (none of my other e-book apps download new books well, sigh) or something I literally can’t get any other way, so that worked out.

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