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2020-04-02, 9:31 p.m.

Today’s all-staff meeting:

(a) I didn’t cry through it
(b) SOMEONE who said they would deny it if asked said they didn’t really expect people to be working constantly.
(c) My office enemies have gotten webcams. Ugh.
(d) She kept going on about business as usual--okay, for once she didn’t SAY that, but she was going on about something that frankly, I can’t be arsed about at this point given all the other shit we have going on. It’d be nice if we had extra bandwidth to improve that process, but.....
(e) The office is claiming that Lioness will be back in a few weeks. Uh, she’s going to work from home with an infant? And homeschooling a 5/6-year-old? I will believe this only if it actually happens. If I were her I would just be like “fuck it, I’m taking a whole year of family leave, ain’t no way I can work like this now.”
(f) BigBoss asked for a vote as to whether or not to have weekly or every other week meetings. Happily, the latter won the vote, with a caveat of “if there’s an emergency.”

The president of my giant org has announced: no layoffs until the end of June! She then said that for all the people who can’t work due to closures, “we are committed to supporting you as long as we are able,” saying they’d try to redeploy people into other jobs, but they may still lay off/shorten the hours of people because of summer work. She also said she’d “consider the conditions under which we may be able to extend this promise of job protection beyond June 30th, should that be necessary.”

I hope Jared and the CC staff aren’t laid off. Or anything else recreational-ly. Who the hell knows these days.

The state fair is still trying to say it’ll go on in July and would you like to enter a craft project? Given the mailing issues and that everything else including the Olympics has already been canceled, why bother? Unless there’s a virtual display, I see no point. I am numb and no longer even care about anything being canceled now. Nothing should be going on. Well, maybe leave things for September alone...for the minute...and then they’ll be canceled in five minutes...

I also got an email from Knock Knock (that company that makes silly notepads and the like) saying that their revenue is down 90% due to stores closing, and so they won’t have to lay off their staff, are stopping creating anything new and trying to get relief funds.

Still trying to talk Linda into recording Robin Hood. We’ll see.

Tonight I watched a streaming storytelling festival that was great. My favorite story was by a pastor who had a hard time dating, finally meets a guy....and his mother is a Big Deal in her church. She had great facial expressions and I really liked her. She also referred to her flock a lot--as in, “Flock! Flock!” I don’t know for sure if she meant to imply “fuck! fuck!”with that at times--she is a pastor--but the similarly was hilarious. I also enjoyed the story of a lady whose grandmother kept trying to talk her out of marriage and didn’t like her Jewish boyfriend, so the grandmother tried to bribe her into a breakup. That didn’t work, and then the grandmother refused to go to holidays if the boyfriend was there and the dad was all, “fine, you pick one holiday that’s yours and the rest of them he’s invited to.” So Grandma is only seen on Christmas Day for four years (“he’s Jewish”) until she finally gets over it. Delightful.

After reading some article today (Washington Post) about how a guy managed to run an entire marathon IN HIS BACKYARD, I decided to attempt 10000 steps indoors again. (Which is to say that I walked for over an hour and a half...which registered into 6726 steps on the pedometer but was probably 10k in reality.) I decided to do this while watching the storytelling event, which really livened it up a lot. I admit that the idea of trying to do dance or workout classes via Zoom hasn’t really appealed too much, and I like how I can kind of zone out while walking I zoned while watching videos. I liked this.

I also watched One Man, Two Guv’nors and jeebus H. Christ, James Corden is playing “Guy Who Would Actually Eat Only Slightly Nibbled Cheese Out Of A Mousetrap,” and is the biggest damn ham. Mom tried to talk me into watching some TV special of his the other night and I, yeah. I think he’s like, wrestling himself in this or something? He also begs the audience for a sandwich. And someone claims to have one... He’s all excited until he asks what it is. “Hummus? No wonder you haven’t eaten it.... I don’t really know what to do now. Well, I did say I was hungry and I did ask for...I’m going to go for it.” Then he gets interrupted by another actor and has to decline, and “in some future, you have messed with the play,” he says on the way out. (Note: not really. I’m going to assume that the audience member who gets pulled onto the stage and made into all kinds of a mess is also a plant.)

It is an extremely hammy play in general, though, and also features some kind of Viola/Sebastian twinning. And people who are too stupid to comprehend that “identical twins” can’t be one boy and one girl. It also takes place in 1963, which the play makes sure you know by yelling it out multiple times. I wasn’t into it at first, but as it got crazier and crazier (I found myself rooting for the guv’nors, those two crazy horny kids who don’t seem to care that he killed her brother), I got more into it. By the dance party ending, I was all in. “Tomorrow looks good from here, my friends, tomorrow looks good from here.” Check it out, it’s up for a week.

And....some bad news: Arne and Carlos did not make an episode today. I was hoping it was nothing bad, but.... Carlos has a bad cold. ”Please do not worry about the situation. Carlos has been examined by his doctor and all he needs is a few days of rest and relaxation. He will be fine!” I’m nervous anyway.

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