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2005-04-03, 7:27 p.m.

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Today's entry will be quite fluffy. Well, not so fluffy, but less drama-y and angsty. Yay!

I actually cleaned my room today. Well, about a third of it. I reorganized where all of my clothes go and stashed them in various places, picked up trash, neatened up the bookcase, etc. Took hours. Will probably last about a day (if I stay out of my room). But at least I could claim to Mom that I did some cleaning. (Did she? Who knows.)

Today's weather sucks ass. POURING rain. I had to grab an entirely different jacket from the one I normally wear when it's not raining/cold and dig out all of the cold-weather clothing I'd just packed away. (I can't bloody wait until I know I won't have to need warm sweaters and warm coats and umbrellas and hats and scarves to be out and available to grab at a moment's notice, because my clothing rack is falling over again under the weight of all the clothes I need access to.)

I was going to go to the new Sunday night classes at the gym, that I was all excited to go to. But upon walking out my door and seeing it was pouring rain, I got all distracted, stopped to dig the rain gear out of my backpack, and forgot to lock my door. And had I stopped to lock the door, I would have noticed that ahem, I was no longer wearing the coat with the keys in it.

So I ended up realizing I didn't have my keys about 5 minutes away from the gym, and ended up spending an hour in pouring rain looking for the keys, debating how I'd get the keys replaced, wondering when Heather'd get off work tonight, thinking that I'd lost my student ID forever (I keep all ID's in which I don't look like shit) and would have to get my gym and work ID cards replaced (I keep all my cards for the school in a card holder on the keychain), etc., etc. By the time I got home and found the keys, I was too utterly soaked to want to go outside again. Bleah.

I guess it just wasn't meant to be when it came to going to the new weekend classes at the gym that I had wanted to go to. The Saturday ones got canceled and the rain was too much Sunday. Bleah. Well, maybe next weekend. Kind of sucks, though, because on cold, rainy days, all I want to do is sit around and see how many different kinds of food I can stuff down my face like I'm hibernating until dry weather or something. I loathe gum- the taste is kind of fake, it feels like chewable plastic in the mouth, it's nasty stickiness when someone pitches it in your hair- but sometimes I think that gum Violet Beauregard chewed was a good idea- food you didn't have to swallow and digest, but if you put it in your mouth, it'd FEEL like you were eating potato chips, so you could solve your potato chip craving without actually eating most of the bag.

I have finished my knitted skirt, and now I feel kind of bereft as to what to work on. Well, I still want to make a Hallowig and I did start that, but hopefully that'll be a faster thing.

I know I should be working on jewelry for the next craft fair and the upcoming Whole Earth Festival right after that, but I am not really in the mood to mess with jewelry these days somehow. Or maybe I just dread trying to do my horrible photography. I got so far as to drag out my beading stuff, but Penny has been very insistent on being in my lap since I got home again, so...meh. And she's pinning down an arm to boot. But on the other hand, she's preventing me from eating an entire bag of turkey jerky that I'm suddenly craving for no good reason, so maybe it's all for the best.

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