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Chronicling Exhaustion

2019-04-03, 11:31 p.m.

Today’s e-Squared experiment: ask to find a bunch of something or other within 48 hours. I choose guitar picks, I miss those.

I have decided to chronicle my level of exhaustion at the end of the day at work.

Monday: 6
Tuesday: 5
Wednesday: 7.5

The hamster is officially dead, and not pining for the fjords. New Girl put the hamster outside, told her daughter he’s “hibernating,” and will pick up a replacement hamster on the way home. I don’t know where this came up, but at some point GQ said the word “trampster” and we all laughed.

GQ had his first rough day today, or at least his first day where he was ready for the day to be over earlier than it is actually over. I asked him how long he’s been doing public service and he said two months. I said wow, he lasted two months before that happened!

Meanwhile I am having tons dumped on me right now and am just feeling like it is all too much. I have lost my assistant--well, he’s still here but he’s now officially on phones all the time every time he’s here and literally can’t get more than 15 seconds in between phone calls, so he can’t do anything for me any more. Sigh. So now I have even more work piling up and others getting anxious about it and I am all, DUDE, I GOT EVEN MORE FRANTIC THINGS BEING DUMPED ON ME EVERY HOUR, I JUST CAN’T DO ALL THE MAIL RIGHT NOW TOO UNLESS SOMEONE IS ON FUCKING FIRE. GQ is pitching in where he can, at least. I also stole back the assistant’s label maker because well, he is getting no time to use it and at some point I need to do them and I can’t get to the other label maker because someone else is already always making labels.

I got this book and it is genius. More on this later. However, it talks about how you have to try to cycle through your stress instead of having to stifle it all fucking day at work. So on my way to writing group I screamed my head off about half the time, cussed people out, etc. I’m not sure if that is what they had in mind, but I couldn’t exactly go exercise it out today so that’s what you get.

At writing group today, I told them about the WTF situation here and specifically told it to Richard, who was in the same field. He was all, “Is it (name redacted)? Is it (second name redacted?)” I am amused he knows TWO other dudes like this.

I also found out that silent disco yoga exists. That is a thing that is happening in the world.

I found out what part I am playing in the show. It’s the lady role here. I cannot say I am super psyched on that one specifically. However, I am obviously not gonna be a star in life and at best a “character actress” and can’t have high expectations on stuff like that. Oh well. At least I’m still IN something even if it means I don’t get to do any singing or dancing or anything crazy and get to be browbeaten by a sleazy husband, apparently. Whee. But I’m used to being browbeaten too, I guess. I can’t say I’m inspired to think of a backstory for her though. Doesn’t sound like it’d be a fun one?

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