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2019-04-04, 11:37 p.m.

News from the verse:

* That professor is not going to get fired for mouthing off about how he wants all cops to die, apparently basically because Trump will get us if we are against free speech. (Um, what?) I can’t link to the school newspaper articles about this because for whatever crackassed reason they take a week to upload articles. But the guy who wrote the original article wrote an op-ed saying “I never expected it would make national news...” I was all, are you fucking kidding? How would you NOT think in this day and age it wouldn’t make mainstream media? I’m actually amazed it didn’t go full pepper spray scandal.

In other news, the newspaper’s huge story was that the marching band is full of rapists, the alumni are creepers and rapists, the band is a brainwashing cult obsessed with sex and a frat that hazes people, they make penis candles (actually, that one I did hear about*) in the small group meetings** and nobody is doing anything about this.

* I seem to recall at one point that a CC manager who was in band brought up the topic of how some people wanted to make penis things in the small group meetings and others did not.

** I used to hear stuff about how they called their parties “poetry readings” (that did not make the article), but they now call parties “mavericks” apparently now and the small groups “bondings.”

This is huge and as a CC manager/band member pointed out, the worst time of year for that news to come out because the biggest band holiday of the year is next Saturday--parades and all day/night long competition and other bands visiting. Not to mention the alumni band, who has apparently just gotten suspended but will have their suspension ended just in time for the event...Um, what?

Hamster Swap! New Girl managed to successfully swap one dead hamster for one lookalike live one. It looks smaller than the other one, but so far her daughter has not noticed. She did say that this one immediately escaped though. She said that privately she wanted to rename the multi-named hamster either “Richard Petty” or “Jimmy Buffett” in her head--not to be revealed to her daughter-- and I said after that, Richard Petty should win.

Today’s exhaustion level: 3.

I started my day off with having to test several things I don’t actually do, which did not make much sense because the instructions weren’t correct. All I can do is shrug emoji that shit.

Then I got to reading my e-mail and found out that more drama had ensued. Now, I’m signed up for a local notification app in case anyone else starts shooting our populace, but now that means I get notified about trivial to somewhat trivial shit. Including one guy throwing a giant shit fit about being misadvised and how he wants to persecute them to the fullest extent of ...I dunno, whatever. At this point I can tell you the actions to take in my sleep and debated posting that at 6 a.m., but uhm, no. But I gather he’d e-mailed everyone he possibly could yesterday including all our office bigwigs to complain about the situation, and called our office (though nobody told me about it at the time) and then it finally got passed on to me this morning.

I’m not gonna get into details, but let’s just say that some calculations were off and he has been running around ripping his original advisor like five new assholes and slandering that person to kingdom come. GQ was cited in this guy’s bitchrant because he dealt with the guy on the phone. GQ was not happy to have this dude claiming that GQ agreed with him, and was all, “He asked me the same questions over and over again trying to get me to say what he wanted.”

By the time it got to me it was all “Here, add 3 points to this thing, the count was off,” and after I did that, I realized that apparently the whole drama was set off by the numbers on something I work on being off. And then I was all FUUUUUUUUUUUCK IT WAS ME.

I ran to my boss, who in turn was all, “Don’t worry about it, it turned out to be someone else’s calculations, not yours, and it’ll get fixed anyway.” She then gave me a pep talk and a hug, which was adorable. Also apparently I seem really strung out today and I was all, actually this is about a 4 for me...

Anyway: you know what’s hilarious about all of this? Guess who supplied the wrong numbers? Mr. Cranky did. Mr. Cranky wrote down the wrong things and then another department uploaded them all and missed them (so it really had nothing to do with me since I didn’t put them in) and then apparently when someone asked him if they should check them he was all, “eh, never mind, it’s fine...”

So really, it was all on him. Hah.

I also had a good meeting with my boss, who said I was more awake and alert in the meeting this week and am doing a good job and really, I am not going to get fired. So yay for that. I also managed to get a good chunk of stuff done after the avalanching going on the last few days. So that really helps.

I broke the news to the CC that I got into the show and I will be doing as much of my shift as I can, but...who knows. We already had one person bail on the shift I am on (this is partly why I decided to NOT quit volunteering this quarter like I’d figured I should) which is bad enough, but a guy did walk in asking to volunteer, so hopefully we get someone.

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