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2003-04-06, 11:37 p.m.

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I've been in el pissy mood for most of the last week, so pardon my absence. Y'all didn't want to read the entries I wrote then, anyway.

Interesting developments in the last few days or so...

There is a slight chance that Dave may be able to attend Picnic Day after all. Escrow on the house has been moved to closing on Picnic Day itself, as the renters are apparently quite upset at getting the boot and are breaking things in the house and refusing to move out. (I knew buying this house was a bad idea from the get-go.) It doesn't seem all that likely that the house will be in move-in condition that weekend, but of course nobody will know until day of.

*sigh* I know better than to get my hopes up, though. Most likely what'll happen is the Murphy's Law version, and he'll have to sit around there wasting time just to see if it happens, then nothing will.

I haven't told my mother this news, but either way it's looking like my parents won't go to the event anyway. They don't really want to bother because of (a) the wheelchair, (b) that I'm not in school any more, and (c) my aunt, uncle, and cousins are having three of Uncle Brad's relatives along this year and it will be a huge mob. Somehow I'm guessing if there's a big mob, I will not be hanging out with them either.

Oh well, being by myself at Picnic Day is actually a lot of fun. At least I can see the fashion show when I want to, and spend all day watching whatever I please.

Surprisingly, Hill would be fine with this, should he ever get to come. She wondered the other day why he hadn't been here in a month. Heh. Ah, the irony. Somehow I think it's safe for him to return now. The storm has blown over.

Well, in one of those other supreme irony things, it's looking like I'll end up in an article in my former newspaper. The one ex-editor that knew about my weblog mentioned it to another editor, who in turn mentioned it to someone there (that I don't know) who is doing an article on weblogs... so there ya go. Should be getting contacted next week.

I don't know how I feel about this. Not great, actually. I wouldn't be mean enough to turn it down, I can say that right now. One, I don't want to look all grudge-y, and two, having been in this position myself years ago, I know how hard it is to track people down for things like this- and local connection-wise, I only know of two bloggers that used to live here, me, and that's it.

But on the other hand, there's the whole I-dated-someone-at-the-paper-who's-now-gonna-see-this factor. Yeesh. Big yeesh of embarrassment.

Rather makes me glad that sweetdisorder isn't set up yet. I think I'll wait on that until after this blows over, so to speak.

Well, I ended up telling Dave about er, my lurid poly past (ha ha). I was reading Cerulean Sins (let's just say there's plenty of that sort of thing in the series at that point) and was pondering the anatomical issues with regards to that sort of thing, and it just kinda came out from there. Much to my surprise, he didn't blow a fuse about it or anything. Was surprisingly mellow about it, even if it's something he wouldn't understand at all or do. "The past is the past." I was rather relieved. Most people do not react to that kind of thing well, even if it's not a major thing for me and isn't likely to be so in the future.

My weekend went astonishingly well. Not a bitch-and-gripe-at-Jennifer time at all. Rather proves my theory right that my weekends with them go well as long as I don't exceed 48 hours at home.

I got to go to Barnes and Noble, where something of interest to me occurred.

Once upon a time, I was asking Scott about tarot and he said that neither of my decks (Rider-Waite and Renaissance) were really "me" and that when I found a deck that was "me", I'd know. Since then, I've been checking tarot cards for sale whenever I've been in stores that offered them, but no vibes came up.

(Here's the point where Dave interrupted to say "Lemme guess, you found the right deck." He'd heard the same talk from a Wiccan ex of his.)

Yes, it's this one that gave me the happy "that's you" vibes. The pictures in it are truly amazing, and just look at all the extra stuff with this deck and what it can do. Amazing.

I nearly didn't buy it, as I am supposed to be trying to be good after all my splurges last month. Mom actually offered to get it for me for my birthday. (Sadly, in lieu of getting me Buffy Season 3, but she's been hinting that she really doesn't want to pay for it for weeks now ever since it is no longer at Costco.) This surprised me, since she is so utterly conventional.

I actually asked her this time why she got that for me, and she gave me a spiel about how well, it didn't look like I was going to turn witch and do spells or become a fortune teller, so what the hell.

I'e always wondered if this little extra ability ran in the family, ever since the both of us could tell when my grandmother showed up at her memorial service. I asked her about it, and well, either she's in denial (sounds likely) or she just doesn't have much to it. Hm.

It kind of ended up being Makeover Weekend around the house. I now have new shiny silver glasses, which are pretty. I also ended up finally getting my hair redyed. We had this L'Oreal kit where you dyed your hair one color (in this case, red) and then added (blonde) highlights. I was rather worried after the first half was done and my hair, which was supposed to be "apricot", looked rather er, orange. But not to fear, the lovely blonde highlights fixed everything, and now my hair is gorgeous and shimmering and breathtaking. Wow. I wish I could get a picture of it.

And...(sigh) I think I've about agreed to cave in and get most of my hair chopped off (sigh). Even I have to admit that it's looking quite trashed and weak and thin since the pneumonia shedding. Bleah. I hate short hair. Hate it, hate it. Will want to cry looking at myself for years until it grows back. But I think I've gotten to the point where I don't have a choice any more.

This (photo on the right, also mentioned here) and this seem to be about the most bearable hair styles I have found for the length I'd have to get (assuming the hairstylist doesn't just decide on her own to chop it all off to be !cute!)- at least half of my hair is going to have to go :( The Rene Russo hair (yes, I just rewatched this movie) is actually quite lovely for her, and my new hair color is kind of a lighter version of this. I don't know if my hair could currently pull it off, though. While it does seem to be growing back- Mom's found four-inch bits throughout my head- it seems debateable if it's going to grow back as thick as it was. I may just end up with the first link hair on the left- the limp, flat do that I don't like.

Oh, who knows. Mom is looking to make me an appointment with some hairdresser she knows who lost hair herself when I have to go home for the doctor's appointment next week. We'll see.

I have to go to the DMV a couple of days after that to get a new ID card. It'll be funny having to get the picture retaken with hair that's totally not what I normally look like and probably won't look like four or five months after the shot is taken, yet I have the card for six years.

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