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Improv Audition #3

2018-04-08, 9:15 p.m.

I had an improv audition on April 7. It went all right. I am going into them at this point reasonably assuming I'll never get in, and since 30+ people signed up and they had to do the auditions in shifts, I really don't think I'm gonna be one of the lucky two or whatever it is. Hardly anyone I know is in auditions these days, I think most folks I had classes with have either quit or gotten in by now. (Hell, one of them is now RUNNING THE PROGRAM, sigh.)

Mine went okay. I think the first group really didn't do so well, but I was in group three. I had reservations about the group I was in during warmups but decided that one of them really seemed on the ball so I'd go on with her, and that's what I did. We had fun doing comedy riffings on things like restaurants, the DMV, and funerals, though I don't know if I was doing enough "straight man" stuff on my end. Ah well, it was fun. I also did a monologue on voodoo dolls, which sadly no one managed to incorporate into the Harold, but then again I couldn't come up with a way to get it to work either. Afterwards I had lunch with some of the other auditioners and it was nice to hear that they are having issues with some things there like I am in progressing.

I also ended up hiking the arboretum in full that day. I was planning on going to the gym, but everything was swamped and crazy over there for some event or other, so I drove farther on where they weren't charging for parking. I have always said I want to hike the entire thing at some point--I've usually just been able to get in one end or the other during an hour of time off--and for a while the back end was blocked off for construction. Now it's all fixed up and I had the time, so I hiked the entire thing in a circle. It is about an hour long, so now I know. Finally got to that after 20 years here, hah.

On the 8th I went for a 3.5 hour hike, which was a bit insane. I have been trying to figure out how long it takes to walk 10,000 steps outdoors rather than the gym. I sort of have the crazy idea that if I hike around the biggest park by my house that should do it, but so far that has not done it. So since I had nothing to do that day, I decided to just keep hiking in a straight line and see how long it took to get to 5,000 steps so I could figure out a turnaround point. So I went through the park, over an overpass, through greenbelt, through a neighborhood, found another park, went through another neighborhood and THEN found a hidden back path through the very back end of town.... It took about 45 minutes to hit 5000 steps and I was very far off by then!

But then I got intrigued by all the hidden paths in the greenbelt, so I just kept going. I found a hidden bridge at one point that led to a hoity-toity neighborhood I hadn't even known existed in town before, where the houses were all named. I found turtles and Canada geese. I saw a lot of dogs being walked. I found hidden sculptures. Anyway, it took me a while to eventually find my way back home again! And got in 22000 steps, so there you go there.

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