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Post-Easter Wrapup

2007-04-09, 4:03 p.m.

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I have stuff to write up that went on before this, but um...I'm having issues with writing it up. Why is it so hard to describe GOOD stuff? Anyway, I've decided to post this one now and then post things in later on.

While this year's family Easter things were entertaining enough- involving various dog shenanigans and a massive trip to see Blades of Glory- I miss actually doing Easter-related things. Yes, I know, I'm Too Old to have any kind of Easter fun any more without having a child of My Very Very Own to justify doing those things. I know I'm at the age where I'm supposed to only enjoy Easter in a "vicariously living through someone else's childhood" sort of way. However, I've never gotten that sort of thing (I think handing out candy at Halloween is boring as shit), the youngest kid in the family on this side is 15, and dammit, if you're not dyeing eggs and hunting for eggs and snarfing candy and you don't do the religious thing on the day, what's the point?

That said, the non-holiday was still pleasant enough. I got a lot of knitting and research done. The dogs did amusing things. My cousin Cassie got another rabbit, named Bubba. I watched the movie "Kingpin" (Travis is a bowler and thus is into it) and had to see "Click" again (okay, that sucked). We went shopping and I picked up a bunch of pretty stones, and some hair clips and a shirt that were massively on sale. Mom made friends with one store owner's bichon frise (very cute and friendly dog) and got the name of a breeder in Sac.

I really want Mom to get a dog. Something that gives her unconditional love and attention 24-7? SIGN HER UP RIGHT THIS SECOND, PLEASE. Unfortunately, I bet she never does it. She claims she has to finish cleaning up the house first- yeah, we know how THAT'LL go. Hah hah. (She gets mad at me for not having faith in her if I say she'll never do it,'s been years. There is no proof whatsoever that she can get anything done without someone riding her ass to do it. Ergo, no, there is no faith.)

I did find out that so far, the Hawaii trip is planned for the entire first half of July. (Ugh, that'll suck for missing volunteering time. But summer's easier to make up time in, and the first two weeks are quieter at least.) A week in Kailua-Kona and a week in Lihue. There is apparently no shopping to be done. *cries*

I was amused at one point about my aunt Susie's take on $tarbucks Megachurch, which Mom was telling her about. (She about choked when I told her the Starbucks bit.) She said that there were no longer any denominational Christian churches in her area at all except for the Catholic one, because all of them had been eaten up by the "nondenominational Christian, which means born again" megachurches. Aunt Susie is very against anyone in the family dropping the Methodist faith that they got born with (which is why I'm keeping quiet- she had issues when Kristen started hanging out with Baptists in high school), so she was kind of ragging on Mom for not going to her real church. She also said those kinds of churches were cults. Heh, I can't help but agree with her.

By the way, what is with people saying, "I want to know what you want for your birthday," then not actually uh, wanting to know what you want? Or more specifically, I give them a list of a few books/DVD's if they can find them (especially pointing out, "If you can find ANY of those, it's fine."), and then being asked, "But don't you want any clothes?" Uh, it's not exactly easy for me to put down, "Buy me an item of clothing that looks like this," when I don't even know where you're shopping, or if what I want exists, and isn't it just easier for me to buy it for myself?

I finally said "I want a top like this (I'm one of the few people who watches Top Design, and Carisa seems to have a bunch of these shirts and I want one), and then she was all, "Oh, Cassie has one of those," but odds are she isn't thinking of what I was thinking of here. Argh. I'd rather have some DVD's or hardback books, honestly.

Next weekend is going to be another family weekend, with Picnic Day coming up and all. My cousin Alicia will be throwing a post-PD party, so that'll be interesting. They're already predicting rain for Saturday ONLY. "Argh" does not even begin to cover that one.

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