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Making A Commitment

2013-04-09, 4:29 p.m.

The trip status as of yesterday:

(a) Nobody is going with me.
(b) My boss would prefer that I come home early.
(c) I am supposed to go for 3 nights minimum rather than 2, grr.
(d) Mom has given her reluctant, screaming "blessing" for me to skip the sacred Mother's Day.

As of today, I can add to that:
(e) made nonrefundable, noncancellable hotel reservations for Mother's Day weekend.
(f) changed what days I am taking off at work, much to my boss's delight.

No, Mom doesn't know yet. Let's drop that bomb on her tomorrow.

I decided that if I was going alone, (a) I don't need that many full days HERE to wait around and see if Someone Shows Up, and (b) I might as well get a place to stay that is as near to the location as possible, preferably within walking distance. (Yes, I know you're laughing at the idea of walking in LA, but hey, it's a movement these days....) That way I don't have to worry about a car rental on top of that.

So I scouted the nearby locations on airbnb, which were...not that nearby compared to the hotels. I looked at the nearby hostels, all of which apparently have fairly terrible reviews. So I ended up with the hotel nearest to the location (and it is really close) that had fair reviews and wasn't utterly pricey and has food places nearby AND would give me a deal for booking for 3 nights. Unfortunately, booking through the hotel itself with that deal meant that the entire thing is completely and utterly set in opposed to using various other online services to book it, which would have let me cancel or get refunded or change things...but for over a hundred dollars more. Which is just ridiculous. And since they were down to about 4 rooms left on a holiday weekend, I bit the bullet.

I guess at some point in time, a girl's gotta make a commitment.

Next up: booking plane flights, which I am asking about online as to what times I should go for in order to beat the traffic. Hopefully I can fly out of here later on Saturday rather than at 4 a.m. or something, so I can go see a little of Whole Earth before flying away from it (sad sigh). And then after that, shuttle bookings.

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