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Wake Me Up When The Virus Ends

2020-04-11, 5:43 p.m.

I dreamed of hanging out at Laurel’s house last night. It was good to see her. I hope she’s doing okay--yet another one of the people I don’t hear from. I so far am not having coronavirus nightmares, thank gawd.

I finished making my cross stitch sampler. It says, “Wake Me Up When The Virus Ends.” I’m very proud of it. Now I have started a Baby Yoda cross stitch.

LAWN GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS continue to have work when no one else does. I find myself looking longingly outside the window at them, doing work like nothing happened. I don’t like that I am looking longingly at the lawn guys.

Can’t figure out how my neighbor--I’m not sure if this is the next door one or the upstairs bunch--has some other dude over to have a loud conversation with in the morning? I’m specifically saying, louder than you’d think a call would be going. Also, the next door neighbor was coughing a lot in the morning. He doesn’t do it all the time and like I said, I think it’s his smoking and not you-know-what, but still, IS NOW A GOOD TIME TO DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU COUGH?!?!

Watching more online tarot. Dear tarot reader who I will not identify: DON’T TELL ANYONE IN AN APRIL 2020 READING THAT THEY ARE GOING TO GO ON A VACATION!!!!!! Seriously?!?!

I signed up for an “online dance party” this afternoon, but after fifteen minutes of waiting on it to start, assumed it wasn’t starting. Whatever. Instead I worked on organizing my photos, taking photos of craft projects, etc.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Act 1 and 2)--Social Distancing Virtual Reader’s Theater is now online! I am the red/pinkhead who changes outfits.

In the afternoon, I went to a spinning group meeting. Vera’s been inviting me for awhile and I have been flaking out on going for various flaky-ass reasons, or the meeting was at a bad time, but today it went on and I went. It was Vera, Meg, me and this other chick Betty I am vaguely acquainted with. I didn’t spin during it (didn’t actually feel like doing so, to be honest), but I did work on my craft blog and send people pics and the like, and had some fun crafting conversations and (for me and Vera since our coworkers are behaving similarly) work gripes. That was fun.

After that I watched the Saturday Night Seder, which was educational and beautiful and I was sorry it was only about an hour and ten minutes long, I’d expected longer. It was welcoming, there was lovely singing (Idina Menzel and Billy Porter in particular) and fun rundowns of the whole slavery, plagues, exodus, miracles, etc. D’Arcy Carden sang the praises of living in Egypt in the time. There was a Queer Eye segment. I enjoyed a lady recounting her mother’s bitchrant every year about how she wasn’t going to do it again. And the rabbi who had disco lights going on behind him. And the rabbi doing Passover Broadway songs.

Also, Andy Cohen, doing “Find the Aficohen,” just told people to find the afikomen here. Normally you’d get money, but.... Later, Sarah Silverman claimed to have found it up her ass (of course).

Some lady said we should declare the coronavirus “the eleventh plague,” and someone else said that Passover is the only holiday where you are commanded to drink 4 glasses of wine. Bette Midler played Elijah. “I’ve been sober 300 years, next year granola bars would be just fine.”

Harvey Fierstein said that he never liked the whole “next year in Jerusalem” thing because who wants to go there, but decided that really meant more like being at home, and next year we’ll be in a world without fear.

Then I started watching Dynasty and they're all bitching that the housekeeper infected them with typhoid...."It's the flu." Um, ick. I think I am losing interest in this show, especially when the CW player would break when I tried to watch one segment of it and I ended up missing it. Then I watched Brooklyn Nine Nine’s “Valloweaster.” I LOVE ROSA SO MUCH. And then The Rookie, in which a guy whips out a snake, yells, “Say hello to William Snakespeare!” and then gets bitten by his own snake.

Mom called while Roger was in the grocery store--she was waiting in the car while he went to get ham. He claims there’s plenty of food if you go late at night. I asked if Mom had talked to any relatives, she said Aunt Susie said she couldn’t see Alicia and the kids (duh) and it sucked for Aidan’s birthday (next week). Tell me about it. Mom is considering getting a laptop and having a whole rigamarole about having all the stuff in her desktop transferred over without anybody having to touch anybody. That sounds like a good plan. Her desktop is ancient. I asked if I was going to hear from her tomorrow--well, supposedly. I guess if Roger’s out...

And finally, I’m finishing up the night by watching Saturday Night Not Live, At Home, We’re Still Doing Stuff. Pretty darned good, under the circumstances.

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