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Rose Red and Rain Blue

2003-04-12, 4:26 p.m.

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Well, I found out what happened with my sign language class- about what I guessed, really. Yes, the teacher was handed the wrong classroom too! He went to it, nobody from our class was there, he wandered around trying to find someone in charge and didn't... you get the drill.

So, let's see: The beginning and advanced classes were both given the wrong date, the beginning class got the wrong room once, the advanced class got the wrong room twice, and the TEACHER got the wrong room once. Great job on behalf of the EC in charge. I think I want a bit of money back :P

Class will be going a week later than scheduled.

Yesterday I felt like I was being treated like a fucking pushmepullyou again. Okay, not really, but that's how the day went.

I checked the weather report for the next day. "Wind driven rain showers early with a steady, soaking rain later in the day. High 59F. Winds S at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall near a half an inch." It hasn't rained in like a month of predictions of rain, but THAT DAY it has to pour buckets?! Finally, something interesting happens in this town and instead I might as well stay home and save myself from drowning, I thought.

Mom refused to decide whether or not she was going to come, despite the weather report, until 10:30 Friday night. Sheesh.

The whole Dave moving thing has been fraying my edges for a WEEK. Every other day it was "Oh, something came up, we probably won't be able to move," and then later on it's "Oh, it's been fixed, we're moving after all." Friday was ALL about that, only instead of it being renter/owner hijinks, it was "oh, the roof has to be reinspected, and it's highly unlikely we'll be allowed to move in" and phone calls and emergency roofing and at the last minute, OF COURSE THEY CAN MOVE IN! God and Murphy are totally fucking with me. GOD wants them to move on Saturday, he just wanted to toy with my emotions on the way.

I already hate this house they are getting and I've never even seen it. I had bad vibes about it from the getgo and really thought they shouldn't buy it, but his dad was apparently desperate to buy ANY house ASAP, no matter how bad it was, it sounds like. Frankly, I don't much think it's worth it to buy a shithole instead of renting, but successfully sueing your landlady probably would screw your reputation rentwise, I guess. I have yet to hear much good about it and don't want to come visit it. Dave already hates it from what I hear- the backyard is filled with cactus and the front yard is filled with mosquitos and other sharp objects, so who knows where the dog's gonna be able to poop. It's right under the airport fly path. And the worst part of all? NO CELL RECEPTION. None. Well, maybe a tad in the bathroom, but that's it. About as bad as my mom's house. So much for us having long conversations. (Though go figure, the wireless Palm gets perfect reception there.)


I watched "Rose Red" with Hill Friday night, and from what I hear, this house should be Rose Red II.

Its younger, rattier cousin.

Speaking of Rose Red, I actually really liked it. Stephen King horror doesn't seem to freak me out nearly as bad as the usual slice-em-up stuff. Then again, I probably liked it for the psychic aspect.

(Explaining the plot: this one house seems to be "evil" and haunted by a bunch of people who were murdered and/or disappeared inside it, a professor looking for proof of psychic phenomena brings a bunch of psychics in hoping they'll "wake up" the house again. Terror and death ensues.) Though speaking as someone who er, seems to have some precognitive ability, how on earth did she manage to convince a guy WITH that ability to go in? You'd think he (or well, most anybody without a lick of psychic ability) might think, "Hmmm, you THINK she's gonna want to wake up the house? You THINK some of us are gonna die?" But then again, it's a horror flick, so nobody really cares about that (except in this case, the one guy who gets dead people visiting him, and he tells them to bugger off and bother someone who's not broke).

So, today was the infamous Picnic Day, and I bet you're wondering what the weather was like. I'll answer it with, I'll bet someone named Noah was wandering around the campus, looking for animals to collect.

It was probably the worst Picnic Day ever. Not that I know the over-100-year history of the day, but I'll be surprised if today didn't make it into at least the top 5 of worst weather ever. See, this is why the day should NOT have been held in the second week of April. By the third weekend, you're usually guaranteed that the weather will at least be dry if not hot. Hill thought I was insane for going, and I have to agree with her that I was. Well, that and REALLY bored and even despite the rain, it was SOMETHING to do on a Saturday. Plus, it beat going to Red Rose II and moving in the downpour.

Last year at Picnic Day, I got sunburned. This year? There were no picnics. There were virtually no booths. There was no music (note what this year's theme was?) because the bands that showed up were forced to play indoors...somewhere. You didn't know where any of the supposed-to-be-outdoor events were located, unless you stumbled across the right signage. There were no dogs, except for the ones in the Doxie (dachshund races) Derby in the Rec Hall. There was no Battle of the Bands, as far as I could tell- the campus was dead quiet when I left, and usually by 4 p.m. I'd be going deaf. In short, it really wasn't Picnic Day.

People showed up, but naturally not a lot and those that did were drenched. I alternated between freezing cold and boiling hot from body heat if I entered a room. I was royally pissed off to find out that the second fashion show showing got canceled due to rain, especially since I'd missed the first one to attend the physics show, which turned out to be, well, rinky-dink. Well, now I know why that's kinda the "default if you can't get into the chemistry" show.

Oh, hey, grad association? "Gold" bookmarks are NOT a "free gift." That is not even worth TAKING. No wonder you wouldn't mention what the free gift was anywhere in your advertising.

Though I must say that there being less people did allow me to do some things that are normally hard to do. I got to tie-dye a T-shirt without many people around to clog up the space. I got to stare wistfully at kittens for awhile (dammit, I want a kitten!). I also got to watch the MicroMouse competition, which is where engineering students spend a year building and programming a little robot and see if it can figure out how to get through a maze on its own. You gotta pity the poor schmucks who spend all year working on this robot, and it dies 10 seconds into the maze. That happened to oh, half the competitants. The winning mouse was quite astoundingly well done, though. Not only was it accurate and didn't break down, it was double the speed of the rest. There's a competition I should watch more of in the future.

But should it ever rain like this again on Picnic Day, I won't bother to go and will stay in and sleep. Hell, I was considering doing that today anyway, but (a) it wasn't raining that bad when I left the house, and (b) I got virtually no sleep that night anyway (see above mentions to Rose Red) and literally could not sleep in this morning. I figured I might as well leave!

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