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The Other Half Of The Show

2015-04-12, 6:18 p.m.

Today I went to the other half of the MFA thesis performances. I wasn't as into them as I was the other ones, but then again, these were not exactly as personally relevant to me. However, I think both shows were created originally from improvisation that the people cast in them did, which is a pretty cool thing and essentially why I wanted to go in the first place. (Trying to learn about improv, donchaknow.)

The first one was about being a veteran--whether or not you've been to war, and how it would affect you if your relatives were veterans, essentially. Which is something I pretty much relate to not at all, but they did an interesting job of it. Two of the dancers from the other show were in this one and actually GOT to dance-- the guy in particular got some really cool dance moves in on a mobile staircase, and there was an awesome wheelchair dance in there as well. Oh yeah, and at one point they passed out cookies to the entire audience. It was pretty heavy stuff.

The second show was called "iGeneration" and was about the lives of 20somethings and their cell phones. I at first was intrigued, then thought it might be ah, not for someone the likes of me...I think it ended somewhere in the middle? I think the overall message, tech or not, was "the more things change, the more everyone's emotional dramas stay the same." There was a lot of dating and people failing at dating. A major overall story was the breakup between two girls--one dumped the other out of the blue after a year and we never quite find out why--but they both try to move on, and the dumper starts to regret it, and then when she tries to get back together, they end up in a fight so so much for that... Yeah, some things never change even if Tinder exists.

I have also learned that (a) winkies are BAD, mmkay? and (b) even the younguns don't know what the hell the random emojis mean. "She sent me horse emojis, what does it mean? Does she like me?!"

I was somewhat distracted by recognizing someone...sorta. I didn't know anyone in either show, but one performer turned out to be someone I've heard of in someone else's personal life--let's just say a certain descriptive detail or two pretty much confirmed who it was even before I texted at intermission to ask. It was....weird. I've received mixed remarks about the person--along the lines of them being nice but there's certain relationship drama going on--and it was kind of weird for me to be all, "But they look so sweet and innocent!" Then again, so did I in college. I had to resist the urge to pull them aside and be all, "Don't date who you're dating, this can't end well!" because nobody ever listens to that anyway :P

Come to think of it, I had a similar experience last night that I didn't mention-- I recognized the name of another person I'd heard of through my work (they send in a lot of paperwork I have to process) and I'll admit I was curious to spot them in person. Also, they had nice hair. Hah.

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