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Scheduling Sucks, Redux

2003-04-13, 7:01 p.m.

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I could have named these last three entries "Scheduling Sucks."

Today's weather: Despite all the precisions of "rain, rain, nothing but rain for a week," it was BRIGHT AND SUNNY today. Bloody windy and cold, but SUNNY.

Murphy and God are fucking around still.

Heard from Mom today that I will be getting a small refund on taxes this year, which makes me glad I didn't go throw a shit fit at them this year about the money. Though we did end up having an argument about whether or not she could Fed-Ex me at work when I don't have any real "address" she could Fed-Ex to. She wouldn't take a no for an answer on that one and insisted there had to be SOME way to mail directly to me. Sigh. She also decided that "oh, we want to pick you up on Friday at another station, not the one you bought a new ticket for last week and already exchanged once." Grrr. Wanna know why? "Because we always end up eating at the Spaghetti Factory when we pick you up in Oakland, and I'm sick of that.... I want to go eat at the Spaghetti Factory in Concord."

My family is crazy, oh yes, they is.

I realized today that this tarot class? Is scheduled to be held on EASTER SUNDAY. I told this to Mom during mandatory phone call #1 today and she said, "Well, I can't guarantee you that I could GET you to that class, I'd have to leave by 4:30, and your aunt is always late!" (Pot? Kettle? BLACK!!!!)

She was quite snotty at me, saying that I should have known better than to sign up for a class on a Sunday. Dave agreed with her. Yes, I was an idiot for not checking what was going on on every single Sunday for the next two months.

The funny thing is, I asked the teacher, and he was willing to not have class that day. It was THE ENTIRE REST OF THE CLASS who didn't want to cancel. So I was outvoted.

Yes, I do realize that those who study tarot may not necessarily be Christian holiday celebrating, but... uh, the folks in this class didn't exactly strike me as pagan, Wiccan, or otherwise, either. Hell, I was the only one who'd done anything with tarot before. Presumably either they just don't bother or they're not stuck leaving town the way I always am.

So I argued with my mother afterwards that I'd paid for this thing and really didn't want to waste the money for the class, but got nowhere. Of course. I never win- then again, how could I, when I'm not the one in control.

Did I mention that the EC screwed up yet again? They didn't even bother to put my name on the class roster, and I signed up ON THE FIRST DAY. Fucking morons run that place now, apparently.

As for the actual course material, it started out with a bit on the history of the tarot, then went over the major arcana and general meanings of the cards. I'm rather disappointed to be missing what will come next week, though.

I dunno, I didn't really get much in the way of revelations or insights the way I was hoping for. Maybe that stuff will come later.

On the good news side today, I saw bunnies! There is a preschool on the next block over from me and I was passing it on the way to class. There's this fenced-off yard area at the front of it. Well, today I saw two bunnies in the yard! I'd never seen them before- I don't know if they're new or had just been hiding or what. I assume they're pets given how fat one of them is. On my way back I just stopped and watched them chase each other around in circles for a bit. So cute!

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