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Students First, Students Only

2008-04-14, 8:49 p.m.

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Due to a policy change from On High at the university, I will most likely be kicked out of my volunteer job at the end of this quarter. They now only want background-checked-work-study students ringing up customers, which means they have to hire a lot of new people, which means they're (a) cutting the # of volunteers in half, and (b) "students get first priority for shifts." Which means that I am most likely out of a volunteer job, AND they are cutting all discounts other than "for students only."

So if I even want to use the CC labs once in a while, I'll have to cough up $150/quarter or so to do it, and odds are I won't get into classes because those are already "students/volunteers first" signup priority.

I'm sure CC management is not happy at all about shitting on the volunteers and the non-student volunteers (the "students only" stuff is not their choice), but it's an On High decision, so there's no hope and no negotiation.

I feel like I got dumped. I don't think I'll ever go back there again after June, most likely, given the price boosting/discount-taking/no job-ness. Unless I get a teaching job there. This makes me slightly more inclined to try to get one even though I am genuinely bad at breaking things down for stupid people and don't know what I'd teach anyway that doesn't already have a teacher and doesn't require me to operate a kiln. Then again, they'll probably come up with a "students only can be instructors" rule after that at the rate things are going.

Yeah, just as I decide to not work the Whole Earth booth, I find out this is my last chance EVER to do it. Suffice it to say I'm going to have to do it now While I Still Can, because I never will again.

Now I'm wondering what else is going to get jinxed somehow. It seems like a bad omen.

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