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Finally, A Transfer

2016-04-14, 5:22 p.m.

So while I was out at jury duty, I got some good news at work: my boss and whoever else have finally finagled it so that I can officially transfer into the area of work that I wanted to get back into in the winter. They are basically shuffling around half the office within the next year to two years, which is why I get to do that. (We'll eventually see how the supervisor chain shuffles around when a big boss retires.)

There are, however, some caveats:

(a) Even though I "officially" transfer as of July 1, I'm still going to be doing both jobs at the same time for the rest of the summer (of course). They are going to definitely hire a temp for the summer, at least.

(b) About 2/3 of my current job will be following me over there.

(c) I do lose the window office, but since I was third banana and had to face the back wall, that's...not gonna be super drastically different there. I will be in a bigger area, with an actual square cube, with people who are quieter.

(d) I cannot get out of doing counter and phones until September. I was originally told September 1, then "uh...maybe September 7," which is making me think this is not going to be hard and fast.

(e) My department right now is going down from three people to ONE PERSON. That one person is not happy. They are going to have a whopping four people doing public service (two actually officially doing that all the time and the other two part-time), period, not gonna hire anyone else for that whatsoever.
This does not sound like a good idea to me. Plus, frankly, if they're down to four, I still suspect they won't be able to afford to lose my smiling face serving. Apparently they have NOT decided to just have students run the counter officially while making this decision, so....

I'll put it this way: I'm not 100% certain at this point my 4-year nightmare of service will all be over in 4 months and change. I put a countdown on my phone after hearing the news and then after I heard this date flexibility bit, deleted it.

But I have been getting hugs and congratulations from managers, so there's that!

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