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April Is Crazy

2010-04-15, 9:48 a.m.

(a) I am not going to Disneyland for my birthday this year. Dammit. What a waste of a weekend birthday, but there has been a total lack of planning ahead of time, or freebies offered by Disney, so...yeah. I will probably end up doing nothing, plus Mom will insist on seeing me on the day, so I can't have friends around her. Or at least, that's just going to annoy all parties involved if I did that.

It's a good thing I'm permanently single so I will never have to deal with the mandatory drama of having all parties who can't stand each other (mom, friends, both sets of relatives) in the same room on the same day.

(b) I want to get in more driving practice before the big day and that's not happening so far either. Dammit.

(c) I joined the self-defense club, hoping to actually get some gym time in to hit people holding pads and keep up my skills from the 2 times I've taken the actual class. So far, this is not what they are actually doing. They are all, "Let's plan a Take Back The Night to happen ASAP!", to which I was all, "Not only am I superbusy in April, I can't even attend the event because I'm going to a show that night that I bought a ticket for six months ago." Last minute plan changing does not fly for me in spring, thanks. Nor does the "now we're changing all meetings to Tuesdays," which means I can never go. Ugh.

(d) Spring in general is nuts. Theoretically I will be skipping Picnic Day to do driving practice--something I wouldn't normally do, but kinda necessary under the circumstances--but I don't even know if Elsa will be feeling well enough to still do it. Argh. Being asked when I have free weekends these days (other than my birthday, argh) isn't going well.

(e) There has been some drama going on with one of my friends. For once I'm not going to share all that information, but things kinda took a sad turn when some shithead relative opened his mouth to a shithead ex-relative, and ka-boom. Ugh.

(f) Said friend asked the other day if anyone had anything good to share about, and I had one thing. One of my cousins ran a triathlon the other day. I should probably point out here that this thing happened on an absolutely shitty weather day in this down. I'm talking heavy rain and freezing wind from about 9:30 on. It was thoroughly unpleasant for those of us watching the event, standing still (no seats once they finish the swimming part) with tons of clothes on and umbrellas. I cannot imagine the horrors of biking and running in that nastiness while soaked to the gills, for 3+ hours. Hell, I went home and dried out and passed out that afternoon, I cannot imagine what the hell she did afterwards. (She said she was going to get beer.)

Apparently someone (I'm wondering if it was a relative, to be honest) told my cousin that she was a wimp or a sissy or something like that. Whoever said that should totally shove it up their ass now, I'm just saying. God knows I think anyone who wants to do a triathlon is nuts, but I admire that she did it and didn't die.

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