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2018-04-15, 9:17 p.m.

This weekend I went to the powwow again, which I haven't done in a few years because of everything that seems to overlap in that time frame. Usually I go in the afternoon but this year I went in the morning and...yeah, next time just go in the afternoon. Because lordy, not much was happening in the a.m. and they still weren't doing a whole lot by like, noon. I was hoping for fancy regalia and I hardly saw ANY, certainly nobody but dudes dancing in regularish clothes. Disappoint, man.

So I wandered off around noon to the bookstore and bought three books. Happy birthday to me there, I guess.

After that I spent the rest of the day at Weird Strange Bizarre, a festival the Comedy Spot started to do "weird" shows. The curation of the submissions must have been good because I didn't really think any of them were boners. Hell, even "Wino the Clown" charmed and amused the audience, and you'd think from that name it would suck, right?

My favorites were:

"Your Honor," in which a member of the audience submitted a petty complaint ("I paid my friend back on Venmo, got the wrong girl and when I asked for my money back, she ignored me") and then the improvisers acted it all out.

"That Happened," in which two improvisers reported on something in history and then did scenes based on that. I WANT ON THIS TEAM DAMMIT. I really loved the story of the lady social worker saving Jewish kids and especially how that was told. I wish I'd filmed it because it was SASSY.

The two ladies' teams pairing up was great, featuring the classic song "Don't Put That In Your Mouth, You Don't Know Where It's Been," which was a nice callback to Brian randomly eating a piece of bread that had been on the floor earlier. It's unclear if he knew that before eating it.

"Stripprov," exactly what you think it is. I wish I had a photo of the tons of layers these folks had on at the start...One girl had a different shirt with different sayings every time. Another had a wide variety of silver sparkle clothes, paired with a coonskin cap. One guy had a bunch of different Halloween costumes on ranging from Hulk to Santa Claus. And in the end, two did get down to near naked. The guy was barely covered down below and wearing his socks (maybe take those off next, bro), to the point where the emcee threw him someone else's helmet and told him to put that on. The girl got down to nothing but panties and flashed her nipple covers to end the night.

Honorable mentions go out to:

"Mr. E's Mysteries: The Legend of Mitch Baroni," in which one guy said he found an incredibly weird photo online and simply had to investigate it. This eventually ended in a poem about fucking a Bagel Bite.

The aforementioned Wino the Clown, better than you'd think.

On Sunday, I went shopping. I went to Folsom for a craft fair and to attempt to find some earrings my mom had liked when we were over there on Easter, but whatever ones they were were gone by then. So I ah, bought $60+ of shit for MEEEEEEEEEEE. A fanny pack (don't judge me, I want pockets and this had stars on it), a skirt, some funky pyramid rocks, and dragon scale necklace and earrings.

Then I went to Barnes and Noble on the way back and did buy Mom some gifts, all books on Harry and Meghan. I got caught in an ugly traffic jam on the way home, so I didn't get much else done the rest of the night.

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