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It's Snowball Time!

2019-04-16, 8:01 p.m.

At work, I had two EMERGENCY!!!! situations dropped on me today. One of which got solved and the other categorically did not because all parties involved seem to have disappeared. (insert eye-roll here). I also sat through a super boring meeting in which people argued through most of it and I had no clue and kept playing with the fidget cube in my pocket to keep my sanity.

I also sent out a comm for people to pick up their old stuff. However, I made up the list a month ago and then put it in to get posted, and in between then several people have picked up their stuff and got all offended at being told to come pick up their stuff. So I caused more problems for everyone else answering the phones, SIGH.

As for rehearsal, I went to the costume storage area and had fun looking at the costumes, even if I didn’t particular come up with anything in there I wanted to wear. I found one serviceable dress but when I showed Linda and Germaine (costumes) the dress I got, they liked it better. Heidi tried on various bride dresses and they weren’t quite right, or at least the closest one was pretty cute/hugely bouffant but had a high neck and I don’t think anyone really liked that bit, so they were debating whether or not the dress would stay up if they cut that bit off (as I am writing this up later, looks like they figured this out and it did). Ana also found the best dress for Maddy--blingy WITH POCKETS, the only issue being it was knee length and thus not too stripper-y, but with all the jewels sewn onto it, taking off two inches of heavy hem would be A Problem. So who knows how they’re gonna handle that one.

As for the bridesmaids’ dresses, I guess that is not happening because the dress they wanted is now only coming in terrible orange and not hot pink, so they are fumbling for that one. (I’m kinda bummed, I did want to see the “dress so short you can see the baby.”) Not sure what they are going to wear in two days. Laurel (who plays Connie) said that if you Google for fuchsia bridesmaid dresses, Google tries to talk you out of it. I later tried this just to see and Google did not try to talk me out of it, but maybe Google just assumes I’m that kind of girl.

As for rehearsal, we were to interview someone else in the cast we don’t know well in character, asking their age, if they have a car, what kind is it, what were you doing the night before the wedding, and your job. So I had fun interviewing/talking to Maddy and vice versa, she said we did the best job of it.

We gathered around the piano to sing songs--Amazing Grace, Right Here Waiting (again), and My Heart Will Go On.

Then we read the rest of the script out loud for the rest of the night. Things that happened:

* Pam wants to play Sal as a man (note: character is usually one but we’re swapping the gender) and Linda was all, eh, let’s technically have you as a woman who dresses like a man.
* I am getting about four more lines that were previously done by the singer dude. They are the following:
“Will the proud parents please join the newlyweds on the dance floor?”
”Bridal party, why don’t you jump on in?”
”Alright, it’s time to grab a new partner because it’s snowball time!”
“We wish you all a delicious ‘bon appetit!’ And we’d like to offer a little music for your dining pleasure.”

As for that third line, I was all “what’s snowball time?” The director was all, it’s a dance, and well, I don’t think anyone here had heard of this. I said something like, “how should I know, I’m a Californian?”

Note: after Googling for this, I got this hilarious result. ”Is this normal? Would you do this? I just stared at him, and then ordered another peach ice tea.”

* I am so much better at remembering to do or at least attempt accent when others around me are doing same.
* During the scene where a food fight erupts, dudes actually did start throwing things.
* Mark is carrying around a shitton of dollar bills in his pocket.
* Poor Manny/Barry really wants to insist on his cocaine.
* I found out that Germaine has been a bridesmaid NINE TIMES.
* When we got to the Champagne March, which is a showoff moment for Vinnie in which I have to stand behind him with a sparkler (along with...I dunno, whoever else?), Linda was all “This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.” Yup.

* Vinnie/That70’sScott does not want to do the ethnic jokes in his comedy routine, which is probably a good idea given this day and age. There is also a terrible joke in the play about planting roses in a woman’s vagina like it’s a vase that everyone groaned at, so you might want to skip that one too.

Other special moments and quotes from That70’sScott tonight:

* “I’m a veteran, I could snap at any time!”
* Him and Linda the director: “Are you gonna skip me?” “Yep.” “Oh damn.”
* “I’m old, the seventies weren’t kind to me, I think I had fun.”
* He forgot to bring the script tonight and asked the director to call him to remind him to bring the script. She was not down with this idea. I think he was kind of getting annoying to her between stuff like script forgetting and ad-libbing on stuff he wasn’t supposed to be ad-libbing.
* “The seventies were not kind to me, I was not kind to them!”
* At one point when the bride starts flirting with him in the script, I yelled out, “We’ve been married 26 years and you’re letting the bride slobber all over you?”

Thoughts on Tony n’ Tina, now that we have read the whole thing aloud:

* I feel like the entire plot of this boils down to “BRIDE GOES WILD!” on cocaine.
* It doesn’t really end well or wrap up. After Tina goes on a bratty bride cocaine binge and she and Tony nearly break up, they get back together and leave and everyone else leaves and that’s it. We don’t resolve any other plots that come up, like Dominic cheating on Donna by making out with the nun, or...I dunno, anything else? The bride’s mom and groom’s dad have a flirtation at one point, presumably in front of his girlfriend, but there’s nothing in there about the girlfriend’s reaction to this other than later (AFTER the flirting has gone on) doing a “sexy dance” for him. Shouldn’t she be mad, bro? Do we care about poor hungover, barfing Michael? Nobody arrests Barry for all his drugs? It’s just people losing their shit at a wedding. Don’t get me wrong, that’s the appeal of the whole thing for me, mind you, and god knows the repercussions of say, the nun makeout at least would last for a bit of time, or at least enough for D&D to fight it out yet again. You probably can’t cover it in one night of a wedding. But it seems...fizzle-y.

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