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Family Fatigue

2006-04-17, 8:47 a.m.

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Yesterday was Easter, normally my favorite holiday of the year.

It was...okay, mostly. Even though we didn't get to do squat that was Easter-y because it was pouring rain AGAIN. *sigh* But at least the food was really good.

We ended up meeting my cousin Kristen's boyfriend, who was a nice fellow. Aunt Susie doesn't like him, and I told Kristen that Mom and I can't figure out what the hell her problem is. Hell, Mom even liked him, and Mom doesn't like anyone I date as a matter of course. But at least Mom can be polite to the dudes, while Aunt Susie's not managing that.

Anyway, I was mostly calm all weekend...until we left Aunt Susie's house and Mom started bitching her head off about how they only care about themselves and don't care about us and blah blah blah... and I was thinking, could you for once not bitch about the few relatives I DO like?

Yes, it was rather annoying that they kept going on about their upcoming trip to Australia, somewhere I'd like to go but will never be able to unless I marry for money. (They go to Europe like every single year, I swear. I don't know how they do it with 3 kids.) And I got mad at Aunt Susie for pretty much ignoring when Mom started crying in the kitchen. (Mom claims Aunt Susie didn't ignore her, but did "something." I said, "Look, I was in the living room and heard you crying and got up to hug you, SHE WAS RIGHT THERE AND KEPT STARING AT THE STOVE.") But...she acts like it's a new surprise every visit that she's not having attention lavished upon her. They're nice people, but they are mainly concerned about themselves. DUH! Stop expecting different from them, because you're not going to get it! She'll never get the uberclose family she wants to have, no matter what! GIVE UP WANTING IT from people who won't give it to you!

I actually tried asking her at one point to stop bitching, but then I got a whole spiel about how she has NO ONE ELSE to talk to, EVER, other than me...and then she kept it up.

I honestly do not get why anyone wants families, because they don't live up to what they're supposed to be. Unless they mean the Joss Whedon-types of families that consist of groups of loyal friends. Oh, wait, those don't seem to exist IRL either.

Yes, I AM in an ass mood today.

In other non-happy news, Mom is not happy with the state of Dad's health. I won't mention the disgusting things I keep trying to get her to not share with all and sundry (that doesn't work either), but she's devastated he's not even opening his eyes when she's there any more. And since her work gave her Friday off, she wants to demand another family meeting on that day that I'll have to cut work for. (Stupid me said I'd go to a work dinner function that night, but I think one way or another, that's just not going to happen. I knew I shouldn't have agreed to go to that.) I think this is kind of deluded considering that it took them like a month and a half to schedule the first one (if you'll note the Sidebar of Doom) AND the hospital just changed management to boot, but...whatever.

And in yet more news, Mom has been annoyed with Mauricio of late for flaking out on doing things with her and phone calls and stuff like that. He'd been invited to go to Picnic Day with us ages ago, but as of a week or so ago she was all, "I'm not going to remind him of that!" *huff*

Well, he called her last night and was giving her the "let him go" speech. (THANK YOU, Mauricio. Not that it made a dent, most likely.) He also offered to go along to the family meeting (should it occur) and he'd even take off work for it. He's also arranged for Saturday off for Picnic Day as well and said we'd celebrate my birthday on that day.

Go figure.

Anyway, I guess that means people will be showing up around here one way or the other this weekend.

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