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2019-04-17, 8:02 p.m.

Well, the second EMERGENCY from yesterday was finally taken care of today, and I think we’ve all learned a lesson about how we cannot possibly promise things to anyone that are not under our control when the Office of God literally takes weeks to approve things if they are so inclined, rather than “a few days” like you’ve experienced before. I was amused at the commentaries I read today about that one.

We had one employee whose dad died unexpectedly. She came in to work today briefly and we feel bad for her.

I also ended up telling two of my coworkers what happened with the anonymous letter. We were discussing the most recent crazy person who yells at everyone and I said something like, I cannot have another crazy vengeful person going after me, and then had to explain that one. One of those people is also buddies with the Shark Tank group, which is why I haven’t told her (I did have to indicate that uh, my suspect list is short here) because well, that would be awkward and lord knows you want to stay on their good side. Both of them were super nice about it and would never, ever pull this kind of crazy.

Jackie’s mom had a stroke and is paralyzed. Jackie is unemployed and now has to take care of two people who can’t take care of themselves and one she can’t even physically pick up and will have to pick up all the time. She is so fucked and her life is ruined. I can’t even deal with thinking about this horror. Not to mention that the “Celebrate!” Easter card I was gonna send her now seems like something I should not do.

It’s spring and I got five bug bites just sitting outside for an hour. I did get some writing done, but I am so behind on theater-related journal entries and now I am out of time for that. Oh well, guess I gotta take notes in my theater journal for these things.

I bailed on Mom and I getting together on the 20th because I need to do a lot of CC makeup shifts and one opened up then. She is probably not too thrilled with me for that one, but we had nothing planned ahead of time and I don’t have too many options to do makeups, so. She was all “what are they going to do to you if you don’t make it up?” and I said “not let me come back, they tell you if you owe more than 10 hours you are too busy to volunteer.” So.

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