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2020-04-17, 9:18 p.m.

I was actually pretty much left alone at work today. Only one Zoom meeting, Tigress didn't bug me. I still didn't get any of my own work done and just spent the day e-mailing even more, but other than that... Also, again, people, WHY DON’T YOU GOOGLE FOR THE SHIT YOU ARE ASKING INSTEAD OF BEGGING A HUMAN? Like, you could have found this out on your own in five seconds instead of getting angry at us for not being able to dig through hundreds of emails to find YOUR special freakout. That said, the pile is under 200 in portals, so there’s that. It was nice to not be in complete rage for several hours of the day.

I actually haven’t cried much this week, even on my trigger terms, mostly just been mad. As long as I don’t scream at anyone, that’s considered an improvement.

The county sent out notice that they will put people in jail or fine them up to $1000 for throwing parties. Especially this weekend since this is usually the biggest party of the year, except for well, you know.

My cousin Tammy emailed my mom. One of her kids is having senior year ruined and wants to go to Sonoma State, the other is going into the Navy. Oy on that last bit.

My especially animal-loving coworker sent out some stuff for the San Diego Zoo and upon watching the butterfly cam, I took a few photos of the butterfly things in my bathroom and claimed to have the same at home. This was admired by several coworkers, and after I looked at some of the gifting wares on their website, I tried to convince my coworker with the Rottweiler to dress her dog as a butterfly. Sadly he's too big for this costume, (how the hell do they define "extra large" anyway?!), but I said you could make some wings or something. She said Halloween is his birthday....

I watched an interview with John Scalzi during lunch and it was great. I'm still waiting on my book (I have apparently gotten ONE piece of mail all week...and that wasn't it, thank you USPS Informed Delivery), but eh, I'm saving it for my birthday anyway so they have a while. I also enjoyed the "That Thing You Do!" reunion.

My mom asked what I want for my birthday. Not sure what to say? Whatever it is, I gotta pick out something you can order online and soonish. Mom also kinda drove me nuts off and on throughout the day. For whatever crackassed reason, she put the bank account we had together in high school as the one to get the stimulus check, which is a bank that doesn't exist in this area. I found some ways to have her send me a check so I could scan it without having to hit an ATM, but then she proceeded to bug me to call her NOW while I was working to give her like, all my bank information or whatever. I didn't have time to look that shit up at work (between the two-factor authentication and my credit union being a pain in the ass to log into, that's not a 5 minute errand) but she would not let up. She wanted me to practice Zoom with her again. She went back to her house, somehow got the camera to film some wood(?) and said she didn't want them to know she had a camera. I said fine, just call in via phone, but I bet your iPad has the fancy background access, so try that. Okay, fine, but then she wanted me to give her banking information over Zoom and would not take no for an answer on this. Good god.

I called Meg after that and we talked about what we were watching online in late night TV news, Mom issues, and how Meg grew up in a chaotic environment: "I'm so good at chaos, you can't believe it," and how she used to do mountain rescue, "that's the ultimate chaos." She also mentioned "Eeyore pathways vs. Tigger pathways" in one's brain.

I found this list on Ravelry and it describes everything about the damn coronavirus perfectly, and also explains why I am so confused and scared that I can't leave the house.

Tonight I watched a play called Nexus, which is a 2-actor play that takes place in scenes that run off and on for three years in play-time. It's done by couples who are quarantining together, which obviously makes things easier there. A different couple every night. They have an up-and-down relationship, mentioning money issues, the time he sent her something about blowjobs, her fondness of Andrew Jackson campaign posters(!). However, there's not much in the way of clear segues between each cut-to next scene, and sometimes it was quite jarring. Like she seems to mention cancer at one point (it's never followed up on--was it just a scare?), then immediately segues into her sending him off with a cooking list, and then the next bit we find out she disappeared for five months as a method of breakup.... Oddly enough, they continue to hang out as friends even after that disappearance, until they get back together at the end. Well, I'm not sure if they're an ideal match or not, but I'm down with a happy ending for somebody.

I was a bit confused as to the backwall decor, but they explained at the end it was literally a Museum of Broken Relationships. Okay then!

Anyway, it's a nice idea (sort of a non-musical "The Last Five Years" except happier), works for our times--I just wish the segues were a bit clearer because it made the time jumps a bit hard for me to follow at times. But I am thrilled someone's making theater work still. You go, girl.

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