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2004-04-19, 10:13 p.m.

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Saturday was Picnic Day. As you will probably not recall from last year, it rained enough to float an ark last year on the day, and thus it kinda sucked. This year, there had been ominous reports saying it was going to rain since the beginning of the week, and as is typical of weather reports, they kept moving the day it was going to rain back...and back... and back. In other words, "Well, the rain didn't show up on Thursday, so guess what!"

But by Friday night, and were both reporting cloudy but dry skies for Saturday, and all of town rejoiced. And sure enough, on Saturday, I awoke to bright sunlight, slight breeze, and dry-as-a-bone looking weather. I happily put on Mary Janes, my pants with the most pockets in them for stashing souvenirs, a light sweater, and a hat, just in case. I was out of room for an umbrella, and it looked like I wouldn't need one anyway!

The day started out well. Watched the parade, was happy to see the "Just Married" and cans on the gay pride day car "float." I tasted exotic fruit and wandered around through various displays. I saw the fashion show for the first time in years, which rocked hard. (Also thought I saw my cousin Alicia there, but it turned out Alicia has a brown-eyed clone on campus. Who knew?) I tie-dyed another shirt, which while not breathtakingly gorgeous, came out well enough. I picked up a literary magazine and some fake flowers for my hat. I tried ice cream made out of liquid nitrogen. I saw a glass turtle being made at the craft center. I attempted to get in the line for the laser maze, but after hearing that it'd be at least an hour wait from where I stood (it was about 3 p.m.; the event was supposed to end around 3:30-4), I bailed on it to go see the dachshund races...which ended as I got there. Wah. I tried touring the new campus building, but they wouldn't let me into one of the guided tours and they wouldn't let anyone see beyond the lobby and the pro shop if you weren't booked to a tour. However, I did spend $60 on some nice dancewear- lavender tank top and matching blue/lavender shorts. I was flabbergasted I could even FIND shorts that went below the crotch for girls any more, so I had to scoop them up.

By this time, it was about 3:30 or so, when things tend to wrap up around ere. And I was on the far side of campus. Without an umbrella.

You see where this is going, right?

Well, I suppose we should be happy that the events that would have been rained out had pretty much gone on already by the time the rain started coming down. On the other hand, I wasn't too thrilled to walk home wet from that far off, either. I came home and collapsed with my Babylon 5 rentals.

On Sunday, when I wasn't putting up online auctions, I decided to go see both Kill Bill, Vol. 2 and Ella Enchanted, just because I really wanted to screw with my own head. I was originally trying to see the two in that order for maximum fuckage, but the first KB show sold out on the people in front of me, so I ended up buying a later ticket and speedwalking from the EE theater to the KB one when I was done.

Ella is actually a pretty cute movie, if a bit warped and obviously going more with the 2000's sensibility in the fairy tale telling. For those who don't know, Ella has a jerky, oversensitive, drunken fairy godmother who gave her the gift of obedience. This means that any old bitch or asshole can tell her to shoplift or kill someone and well... guess what. This is especially frustrating for Ella, who's an outspoken activist type, especially when she's left alone with the proverbial evil stepmother and stepsisters. She meets and hits it off with the prince, but... a girl who can be ordered by anybody to do anything is NOT the kind of girl that's safe to have around a kingdom, you know? What a dilemma, which Anne Hathaway pulls off very well. (She also does some lovely song and dance numbers.) I definitely want the soundtrack for this, at least so I can get the "Strange Magic" song.

As for Kill Bill Vol. 2.... even better. I thought it was great. I was excited when I found the script online, and it's that good. It's such a great mental mindfucking, and I love it. Less action, more talk, but in a really good way. It makes you glad they divided them in two. I highly recommend, even if I couldn't actually WATCH the uh, biggest fight in the movie for fear of squick. (That was the moment I missed Dave- when we saw Vol. 1 together, he told me when I could look again.) Sigh. Alas, had I only known that Heather would have been willing to go with me had she not been at work...well, maybe later.

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