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2019-04-18, 8:03 p.m.

Mueller report is out! Obviously I didn’t have time to read it all but I read every freaking article I could cram in during lunch and while at the CC.

One of my coworkers has decided to pick a fight with the crazy lady from last week about getting two documents when she’s not supposed to have two. Uh, good luck with that, I said. Crazy lady then of course claimed the first one was bent in the mail. I have also been informed that the last time crazy lady came in, she screamed in this coworker’s face and then asked for a hug. I don’t even know.

I also got complained at by someone saying “where’s my 20 copies?” She never, ever asked for 20 copies. I checked the paperwork, this was not on it. And yet I had to apologize for that anyway, because what good does it for me to be right? She’s not going to stop asking for her twenty effing copies, is she? Sigh.

I wore my costume to work today. Everyone said I looked nice, but I felt so monochromatic! Too much black! Wearing makeup and pantyhose! (Uck.) Also I think I suck at putting on makeup today, but oh well. But people seemed to think I was quite foxy in the dress, so okay. One chick in the play (Pam, who is playing Sal the photographer and said she’s seen me around at work classes) said every time she sees me I am looking cheerful and happy. THERE’S SOMETHING NOBODY HAS SAID ABOUT ME EVER. I can see her saying that at play rehearsal, but I am a little stumped at me looking happy during work classes?

We had photography happen at rehearsal today. I am hopeful that I look pretty foxy in my solo photos. I did a wee bit of group photos (Vinnie/That70’sScott and I were told to ham it up and we did) and one pose with Vinnie in which I’m giving him the angry glare for comedy purposes.

At some point he’d wandered back inside and the photographer wanted him, so we just started screaming, “VINNIE!” and the photographer was all, “Could you please not stay in character and someone just go get him?” To which I was all, “he’s coming out,” and he did.

Some red dresses were found for bridesmaids, albeit ones that apparently didn’t fit too well and one of them came dressless in hopes of skipping the photos. The pregnant bridesmaid had fun dealing with the pillow as well. The poses in general were quite amusing, though. At one point the nun was sitting on a wall showing her combat boots under the habit. I kind of hope/wish that would happen during the actual show. She was also talking about being in The Little Mermaid, which makes me think, "Yeah, she is really pretty Disney Princess looking! Like literally!"

We also had Celeste the wedding singer finally come tonight (she’s had childcare issues). Her name is Sarah, she seems very nice, she had an amazing outfit for the photos--leopard print sexy pantsuit and high heels she could barely move in, which seemed quite appropriate.

After that we read through the wedding scene again. Then we took a break to watch the dance numbers--Tony n’ Tina did one that starts out to “Right Here Waiting” and then morphs into “Push It,” i.e. the Friends wedding dance.
The bridesmaid’s dance was to Crazy In Love. They have apparently all gone shopping for BFF bracelets at Claire’s.

And after that, we rehearsed the wedding scene for the first time. I was assuming I wasn’t going to be in it and was standing around in the very back doing jack squat/pretending to be working or whatever, which I guess is also true but also I guess Vinnie and I are supposed to be riding herd on people and getting them to shut up, which was fun. He’d go yell and I started snapping my fingers at people. Connie is supposed to read this passage at the wedding involving a “bone” (har) and mentions a silent wife as a blessing. Vinnie repeated that to me and I was giving him the not-quite-a-bird-flip-because-we’re-in-church glare. Moments to keep doing later, I think. It was all pretty hilarious, especially the groomsmen bro’ing it up in the audience tonight. During the “if anyone has any objections” part, Yarn Empire Scott actually got up and held gun fingers to Michael’s head...probably not going quite that far during the actual wedding, mind you. One hopes. Barry said, “I did a lot of drugs” and someone else said, “In the seventies?” Tony did bunny ears behind the minister.

Then it got to the kiss scene and there was some razzing about how Mark/Tony was going to have to make out with Tina/Heidi in front of her real life boyfriend Barry/Manny. Manny seemed to be yelling at them to go for it, Yarn Empire Scott was holding him the hell down, and then Linda told them to do a dramatic backbending kiss away from the audience so nobody actually has to lock lips at that special moment.

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