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Deck the Tree With Giant Planters

2019-04-19, 8:04 p.m.

* The coworker in charge of the phone lines says her body literally hurts all over after a day at work. That’s disturbing.
* The coworker who is mostly at the front counter got called a bitch today. What did she do to him? Nothing. I approved him for something and three weeks later he noticed he didn’t do it and missed the deadline and had to scream at someone about it. Remember, there isn’t a damn thing you can do when someone does anything to you! Then he later called my student assistant and ranted at him for a while. Whee.
* It was my assistant’s last day today. Godspeed, kid, hope the new job is awesome or at least quieter. We hugged and he can use me as a reference.

I am not as fried as other people are today, so that’s something. I am actually not fried this week. And that whole thing about whether or not I have to get approvals has gone back to the usual “never mind, please don’t ask us for permission for everybody” setting again. One hopes it stays that way.

One of my castmates (the one playing Marina the bridesmaid) decided to quit today, essentially saying (a) she wasn’t that into this and (b) was having her own issues. I am pretty shocked because she seemed well enough into it oh, last night when they were all showing off their BFF bracelets.

I wonder what the director is going to do. It’s a bigger part, but of the bridesmaids that one would be the most expendable because she doesn’t really have a plot beyond being the tagalong girl. Or alternately, she could give ME the part. Or Sarah who is playing the wedding singer. Okay, probably not giving it to me, sigh. I guess we’ll see what the verdict is on Monday.

On the way home, I saw three guys climbing trees and hanging up... what looked like giant planters put together at the wide end, in various colors, strung together. They hung all of this from a giant tree for hours and I sat for a while watching it. It looks cute, though I wouldn’t want to be under the tree if one fell off. Good thing we don’t really get earthquakes in this area. I do wonder what the heck was going on with this--permitted art exhibit or what.

I also ran into a neighbor who is amused by my reading while walking, so I talked to him about my current book, “My Adventures With God.” This makes me sound deeper than I actually am.

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