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The Situation

2018-04-20, 10:14 p.m.

We have a new guy in the office--as in, the one I share with people who hate me. I don't know what to make of him yet, seems nice enough. BUT given The Situation (where everyone else here hates and ignores me all day and I literally don't even say hi or bye because that might tick them off too), he really needs to make friends with and be on the side of everyone else rather than the likes of me, so I am avoiding him like I do everyone else. My boss said he would talk to the new guy about The Situation so presumably he knows that I just don't talk all day long here. Dude hasn't tried to talk to me when nobody else is here or any other time, so I'm presuming he knows what side his bread is buttered on and knows better. Which is good for him. You gotta look out for yourself here.

My student assistant got a transfer and I did not go to her farewell lunch. My boss really wanted to have a group meal and I told him I can't do it. It's one thing to ignore them all chatting (literally) behind my back while I pretend I'm so absorbed in work and my headphones that I'm unaware of it, but it's quite another to have to all sit at a table facing each other while they act like I have Teh Cootiez (which really sucked during the last mandated group meal with Former Big Boss)--and my former coworker who was their buddy was invited too, so that's three of 'em. Three of them having to spend one more hour with me around than they want to spend.

Hell, I don't want to spend that hour with them either, feeling bad and ashamed of myself because people conspicuously can't stand me. I feel bad for my assistant (she didn't say anything about it after, I assume she could probably guess why I wasn't there), but I need to literally avoid these folks whenever I can. No riling them up because I spoke or anything like that.

Oh well. Mom ripped me a new asshole for not going (which led to a fun conversation about how I don't dress my age and I hung up on her), but she has the same kind of situation going on in her office except they don't invite her, so... She told me to be friendly and I said that's what ticked them off in the first place. Doesn't do any good! So I just try to be invisible.

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