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2019-04-20, 8:46 p.m.

After doing some errands (mostly involving package mailing and getting candy), I went to the powwow in the morning and bought a lot of stuff--fancy beaded rainbow earrings and a rainbow starburst necklace and some earrings for Mom. Apparently they are taking a long time to get the actual dancing started these days--last year I came from around 10-11 a.m. (they “start” at 10) and they weren’t doing anything. This year I could hang around until 1:15 and they didn’t start until 12 and didn’t really get going until 1:15, sigh. Oh well, at least I saw some cool outfits.

Then I did a second makeup shift at the Craft Center, which was fun because people were making Ukrainian eggs, watching silly videos online, and I finished mending a skirt and started sewing patches onto a jacket while attempting to read the Mueller report. Got to about page 112.

After that I met Mom at the outlets because she wanted to go shopping, and we ended up getting shoes. I also went shopping for jewelry, since I needed to pick up some fake wedding ring for the play and knew Claire’s would have that down (it did), along with a bunch of other bling. We went to the Olive Garden (seems to be a controversial thing on the Internet) and the grocery store, which is where I had one of those moments that all the girls with my name, or any common name, have.

1. Mom is in the candy aisle and yells out “Jen?”
2. The lady next to her is also named Jennifer and does a double take. We find out that she is literally Jenni from (H&R) Block. We make the usual jokes that other Jennifers make when this happens to us, Mom remembers how I had 7 Jennifers in a class once and remembered the old website in the 90’s about not naming your children Jennifer.
3. I make a crack about how one time I went to the grocery store and was being waited on by a Jennifer and the girl behind me was a Jennifer.
4. Guess what the name of the next person who just walked into the aisle and heard this was also named? We all established that we were in that age range for the names.

Life with a common name, man. Watch out, Isabellas.

Then we went back to my house, where Mom insisted on doing last-minute cooking at my house that I had no idea was going to happen, and then yelling at me about how she couldn’t find things (and took all my ice cream). I really wanted to be all “you’re judging MY house?” but didn’t bother.

In other news, I heard a funny story about someone that I got told I can’t repeat, but dammit, I was amused.

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