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2020-04-20, 3:00 p.m.

I was slightly unpleasantly surprised by a few things this morning: (a) the morning public service meeting, which has been moved to 9 most days (thank you), got surprise moved to 8 a.m., which meant I came in "late" because I was reloading some stuff, and then it turned out BigBoss was there. I just wrote on the chat that my computer was not ready to go bright and early at 8.m. and then Tigress was all, "Are you okay? You didn't say anything in the meeting." I restrained myself from saying, "I never say anything in a meeting with BigBoss unless she specifically calls me out, I just say it on chat."

Apparently the meeting got moved so that everyone could "attend" an hour and a half long meeting on ergonomics (kill me now), nutrition (kill me worse) and then ten minutes on meditation. I did not want to attend this but clearly was pressured to. The ergonomics was depressing because no, I cannot position myself at home to have my keyboard below my wrists, my screens below my eyeline, etc, etc. I sat on a bunch of pillows, but it was ridiculous. As for the nutrition one, I was all, "ain't no way in hell I am going out for fresh fruits and veggies, fuck you," and put it on mute and decided to take my "break" and walk around during that one. I just felt angry and guilty. Going out and getting food seems far more risky than NO FRESH ANYTHING. Really, I"m sure people stranded in the Antarctic or whatever managed with what they could get. Also, if I drank 9 cups of water a day, all I would fucking do is pee. I tried that once and halfway through the 8 glasses of water I might as well have camped out on Mr. Toilet. Why can't we just drink when thirsty, as God intended?

I had yet another surprise giant workload dumped on me today, but Tigress didn't bug me too much today other than one emergency thing, and left early, so I got half of it done. Of course, now I have a meeting scheduled at 10 tomorrow to ask about how much she's training me....ARGH.

On portals, again:
(a) Seriously, 30 seconds of Googling "how do I get a document?" would solve all your problems, folks. Why are we supposed to have such smart people who can't Google?
(b) For anyone asking me about plans for the fall: (a) I don't have any insider information, but (b) watch the news; you honestly think things are gonna go back to normal in the fall? I'm just telling people to plan on doing everything online indefinitely.

Oh well, I cried three times during the day but otherwise wasn't 100% fried by the end, so there's something.

My upstairs neighbor is singing these days. I actually don't mind it--at least someone's happy--but it's odd how I can't tell what it is she's singing most of the time. I did deduce she was singing "Open Your Heart" and "The Greatest Love Of All," at least.

Today's relevant link: The Bizarre Intimacy of Group Fitness on Zoom: During the pandemic, everything happens on video chat-including exercising with strangers from the comfort of your home. Also relevant: HOW TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO WORK OUT DURING QUARANTINE, EVEN IF YOU NEVER EXERCISED MUCH BEFORE.

"There is something completely unmotivating about trying to exercise next to a big comfy couch... Problem is, how are you supposed to convince yourself to actually do it?"

Per this link, and some other ones, and getting yet another helping of "If you don't do (bunch of things) you WILL BECOME DIABETIC" (thanks, nutrition lecture!) and finding out that my gym is having free online Zumba classes a few times a week, I decided to try one out. It actually went pretty well. They did NOT make me turn on the camera, nor did the teacher "encourage" anyone to do that, and in fact nobody did turn on their camera until the end to say goodbye (I didn't). She seemed nice enough, apparently she's a professor and is still doing exercise classes, so good for her. She was accompanied by her...SO, I guess...who unfortunately had a strong resemblance to a minor stalker of mine in town, which kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies except I was all, "it can't be Gary, ain't no way Gary could get a girlfriend so clearly that's not him." So that was a bit distracting. As for working out in my kitchen, I'm not thrilled about it, but at least I didn't kick anything or injure myself, so that's a win. I may do more of this.

That said, I liked this quote from the Outside article: "I’m not yet comfortable letting strangers stare at my dusty yoga mat and small pile of pasta boxes. Each time I step into my sorry excuse for a home gym, I’m reminded that exercise is the one activity that pre-COVID me never did from home."

In random news: the symbolism of a moth is interesting.

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