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The Week Is Only Half Over And Super Crazy

2016-04-21, 5:43 p.m.

So here's my week so far!

Life of Crime!

(a) At work, I caught someone lying to a potential employer about something when said employer wanted verification. I am restricted on how much I am allowed to say about this (and had to get two managers to vet what I was allowed to say because yelling LYING LIAR WHO LIES AND TELLS YOU THINGS WE DON'T DO isn't allowed), but I did my best to point out that she wasn't being told everything and that he did something not correct. I posted links to public information indicating that what he was saying wasn't true, even. I also had to report this guy officially up the ladder, twice (in the unlikely event that he comes back here because he lives in some other state). And yet guess what? She apparently didn't take any of my hints and it sounds like he's going to be hired anyway! OH, COME ON! Seriously, this guy can't be the #1 best candidate ever. But apparently is the best at bullshitting HR ever. They may end up being very sorry someday if they're going to be all, "oh, it's okay if you didn't fulfill that requirement" about it. Remember, folks, evil triumphs because good is dumb. Let's just say I'm glad I don't live anywhere near him so I don't have to deal with their drama. I also feel sorry for anybody who didn't get hired because this guy did.

(b) I found out that yes, they have issued a warrant for the defendant in jury duty and she's now facing up to 8 years in prison. If they catch her. So far, nope.

Craft Center:

(c) I had this daily calendar of tacky men photos I bought years ago to do some tacky decoupage with, and then never got around to doing it. I ended up donating it to the Craft Center's free table and while I was on shift, two girls came up wanting to make buttons out of the pictures. We had a grand old time going through the thing and making fun of the pictures--why so many dudes are wearing the same lame ass fishing hat, I do not know, because those do not give lady boners. But it was hilarious. They also told me about the Warwick Rowers, which were also a delight to look at.

(d) On the same night, one of our instructors unexpectedly got sliced with glass in a kind of bad way. She ended up having to cancel her class in the middle of it and lie around on the couch while wondering if it was bad enough to need stitches. I never quite saw how bad the wound was (she's the kind of girl who wants to pass out at wounds, so she didn't show us), but it sounded pretty borderline. She had "her busiest day of the year" the next day at work and had to work the entire day and night and could not be out, so I attempted to talk her into going to the ER or calling an advice nurse or at least sending the photo to her nurse aunt (she did the last one but didn't get a response). Finally she just said she'd go home and if it was that bad later she could go to an ER where she lived that tends to be emptier. Oookay then. I still wonder what happened with that.


(e) I went to a small concert as a birthday gift to me. It was cool. The singer is a new up-and-coming British dude that reminds me of another musician I used to be into, except (darn it) less chatty. It was pretty entertaining, if short. Nice little venue that was having its first concert there. Should be pretty cute for fireworks shows come July.

More Work Drama!

(f) My transfer was publicly announced today, BUT....

(g) I've been told it'll now be at least six months to get me out of working public service. Why? I don't know, beyond "ship is sinking, again," I suppose. (Then see below.)

(h) Good news: new boss wants to make me some kind of analyst! Just like I always wanted!

(i) But since I am technically part of the world's jerkiest union, who does not want to let anyone out of it, this is going to be A Problem. As in, they will probably have to open the job to everyone and then have me apply for it. Don't ask me how that's working as of July 1 when I'm supposed to transfer.

(j) Oh, and that one lone coworker I'm leaving behind in this current group? She found out today she's going to need arm surgery. And that six month estimate was BEFORE that news.

(i) At this point I'm thinking that my getting into the job and area I want may just not freaking happen. Or if it does, it may not be any time soon. Or possibly far. Honestly, if I were them I would not let me out of public service for anything with so few people and the absolute refusal to hire anyone else permanently.

(j) Otherwise, my chat with future new boss went well, though I am rather concerned that this company that is running our new computer program apparently is terrible at working on our stuff (didn't do much and what they did was bad), so the team is just doing it all themselves. This is unfortunately giving me deja vu moments to the previous company we worked with.

In short: everything is cray-cray around here.

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