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2019-04-21, 8:48 p.m.

Saw the relatives today. That went pleasantly. Mostly what was memorable was kid stuff:

* Mom really liked the kids’ bubble machine, which I am now considering getitng for her though I dunno if she’d actually use it with no dogs or kids around.
* We heard that Aidan has a squirrel friend living outside his window, which sounds so cute.
* Dylan was mostly in a good mood today and actually smiled and posed cutely for photos today, which was adorable.
* That said, he was getting a wee bit possessive about the toys.

Last year I made the kids an Abracadabbit but didn’t finish it in time for Easter. This year I remembered it at the dead last minute. In retrospect, I should have (a) not assumed that Aidan, being into yarn and magic tricks (whereas Dylan is not) would have been the only one really into it (true enough at age 2 last year, not so much at age 3), and (b) made two of the things, because man, Dylan got possessive. So Aidan and I discussed making Dylan his own toys, presumably something dinosaur.

After that, Mom dropped me off early to go run off with Roger and my toilet started running again--the chain fell off, I fixed it, it continues to run and I am mad all over again. I tried to walk it off for an hour and a half and I still had some rage moments in the car.

As for the bridesmaid casting question: Jean/bride’s mom’s daughter now has the role and they will both return on Tuesday. Unclear how this will go with regards to carpool but since they are having a rough holiday weekend, I won’t ask for a few days.

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