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2004-04-22, 12:23 p.m.

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I was rather freaked about how last night at the Craft Center was going to go. It was supposed to be "Hell Night," when all the new classes start and you end up with entire classes of students asking for tools that neither they nor you know what they are. I had Been Warned about this.

But in real life? Pretty much cake. They put the sewing and the ceramics class materials into kits, so it was like, "Hey, take a bucket!" And there weren't really more than six or so people hanging around the desk at once, which was cool.

Potluck has been canceled entirely. The dude on shift who was supposed to bring dessert last week also forgot this week ("I was supposed to bring dessert?"), so my manager threw out the whole idea in disgust. Yay.

I got a free T-shirt! They give out shirts to volunteers at the end of every quarter, but last quarter the shirts were prepared too late, so they had a bunch of extras. "Go ahead and take one if you want." So now I have a shirt saying, "I volunteered for the Craft Center and all I got was this hand-crafted T-shirt."

In other good news, there was a notice on the wall asking for people who wanted to sell stuff at Whole Earth! There's some planning meeting next Friday about it, presumably to come up with shifts and arrangements, I guess. I'm all excited, not to mention I'll have tons to sell since I think about two of my items have gotten bids. We shall see. Plus, novel research!

The CC is also wanting to plan a student craft fair for next fall! Oh, how I wish I could participate...but I said I'd go if they had one.

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