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Finally, A New Toilet

2019-04-22, 9:37 p.m.

Today after my morning meeting, I sucked it up and called the head manager about the toilet. I was trying to sound calm but he was pretty much like “Please calm down and don’t yell at me” right off and I was all, “I don’t WANT to yell!” but instead said that this toilet has been having issues for years and I’m really tired of it and I’m really tired of asking for help with it and it keeps having problems and can YOU come over and look at this.

So he did by 10 a.m., said the chain broke, yeah, it’s an old toilet and the parts aren’t around so much any more, so new toilet. However, “you’re gonna hate it.” Why? Because now they have to do the new California low flow toilets that clog instantly if you use much toilet paper, so he specifically said to go out and get single ply. Ooookay then. My boss was all, “yeah, okay, GET THE NEW TOILET,” when I recounted this to her. Anyway, he said he’d have the plumber come between 2-4, I said I’d be there, etc. and went back to work.

When the plumber finally came (around 2:45-ish), the onsite manager came in too and called the head manager to verify that yes, a new toilet was actually happening. Now I’m wondering if this is what happened last time when I was supposed to get one and didn’t. Anyway, the new one has been installed and I went out and got new toilet paper. I at least tested it to see if it flushes but haven’t uh, christened it yet. Am kind of afraid to, but ... anyway, at least it won’t have the old problem of not flushing any more and running 24-7, at least.

In rehearsal/non-toilet news, we did a little storytelling and we had to do introductions to our characters again because Germaine the costume mistress said she was writing an article about the play for the newspaper and wanted to hear what our characters were like. Of course there’s a word count so I know I’m not making it in, but whatever. I hung out with Ana/Maddy again and that was fun :) She wanted to hang out with me again,, yay!

The rest of the night, we rehearsed certain scenes. I wasn’t really doing anything in them except dancing (yes, I am allowed to dance, HUZZAAH) so I had a good time goofing off, more or less. I watched the guys bro it up, run around, lift Tony, yell “Stillettos!” and body slide on the floor, as well as rehearsing Grandma Nunzio’s fall (we really can’t have this lady fall down too many times). The wedding photographer is having fun taking rehearsal pics for real.

Quotes from the evening:
“I’ll take the weird blue thing!” “You haven’t seen it yet!” --Manny and Germaine on random cummerbunds dug up.
“I have bling out the kazoo.” -Germaine
“I’ve got stuff that looks like the Pope decorated it.” -Germaine
“Stop, you’re too good at this!” -Linda to everyone while improvising.

Also, Laurel found this video, and holy crap.

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