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Eclipse Year in Review

2006-04-23, 11:08 a.m.

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In current events, my work computer got SORTA fixed, but not before it managed to spread some of its problems around to the entire office. The Internet is still busted- something about how some ActiveX script is rebooting everything on me- and it doesn't sound like he can or will fix it. I got a "Try using Firefox more often" response, which once in awhile delayed the permacrashing. Mostly...same old shit.

And the bank card and PIN number have finally shown up and come in. FINALLY. Yay for cashy money!

I pretty much celebrated my birthday yesterday, on Picnic Day. My actual birthday is going to have nothing happening. Meeting at lunch, glass sculpture class after work, they stopped doing anything birthday at work as of April (thanks so much, folks), and even Mom is going to be at the hospital instead of coming up here. So she and Mauricio came up to see Picnic Day and then take me out to dinner a few days early.

It was fun. Sometimes I felt like I was herding cats, but Mom did buy me some books for my birthday and some DVD's (the ENTIRE Sex and the City collection and Thorn Birds collections), so there was a little something there. I took them to the fashion show and the Doxie Derby, both of which went over quite well. I got to do almost all of the usual stuff I do by myself on PD, so that was doing pretty well.

So, as has been evidenced on the sidebar, my eclipse birthday year ends as of today. I'm going to save the list and post it as another entry for future reference, but as of tomorrow, I'm starting a new Saturn Return events list, to run until 2008, at which point I hope things SETTLE THE FUCK DOWN.

(Yeah, you hear God laughing again, don't you?)

So, the verdict: was my post-eclipse year quite eventful? I'd say so. Did I experience a big change in lifestyle or in one specific part of my chart? Yeah, I'd say the family sector certainly qualifies. Did all hell break loose? Well, a good chunk of hell did.

So, there ya go. Most of it wasn't anything happy *sigh*, but that was pretty much expected. Though I must admit I didn't expect Dad to go permanently into the hospital this year. I always figured it for sometime in 2007. And all things considered, the last few months have been relatively calm (for me). Go figure.

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