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Joan Of Arc Does Karaoke

2019-04-23, 10:14 p.m.

Tonight was my favorite night so far. Not exactly for the rehearsal, but afterwards.

So the carpooling is off, as Jean wants to spend private time with her now-cast-in-the-show daughter in the car. Am slightly bummed at the potential friendship kiboshing, BUT at the same time that meant I was free to go to Tuesday night karaoke, which I got invited to last week but figured I shouldn’t go because of work. But hey, I wasn’t going to go to work on Wednesday so what the heck!

As for rehearsal, we had a bunch of people missing (the bride, the best man, the groom’s father...) but rehearsed the pre-wedding walk-ins anyway, and the “Maddy does a dance and Josie freaks out and chases Tina around the room” scene. I found out that I am also going to be the DJ since we don’t have anyone else and I’d be more likely to do it than anyone else. Mostly I discovered that we need to add more songs to the potential playlist because people were complaining about the options.

During the warmup, we were supposed to all introduce ourselves to the new Sarah (we have two, so for purposes of keeping track here, the Jean’s daughter one will be Bridesmaid Sarah, a.k.a. Marina and the other to be mentioned later today will be Wedding Singer Sarah, a.k.a. Celeste.), also saying how we know the bride and groom and what we’ll get them as a wedding present. Sister Albert Maria said she’d give them a cross that she’d hope would influence them to make better decisions (har har there). Tony said, “what present? I didn’t know I had to give a present.”

OH DEAR LORD, VINNIE. He decides to introduce himself by explaining the family history of the Blacks...I was sitting at the other end of the table and people were telling me to Do Something about him, so I was yelling down the table at him to get to the point... several times. For the record, he’d give the bride and groom a CD of his greatest hits. Linda was also getting annoyed, at one point during the night yelling at him, “YOU CAN STOP NOW.”

Another quote from That70’sScott: “I’m a veteran, so don’t mess with me.”

Yarn Empire Scott later said about That70’sScott: “We’re two different levels of crazy. No offense.” He also compared Linda trying to direct us to “it’s like herding schizophrenic cats with three legs.”

Character quotes from the night:
* Dominic on being second place groomsman: “No jealousy here, at least on my end.” You shoulda seen the look on Donna (second place bridesmaid)’s FACE from that.
* Connie has a heart of gold: “I think the biggest part of me is THIS” (belly reveal). Also, “I’m just gonna steal someone’s napkins.” She also kissed her hand and patted Tina’s bicep at one point.
* Barry “brings the party wherever he goes.”
* Since Nunzio/Greg and Maddy/Ana are out for a week, Vinnie got dubbed to play Nunzio for the night: “I’m Italian, I know how to love.” Also, “Show some respect for the nun here!” Also (in response to Father Mark’s “we are the church” speech), “If I’m the church, where is the steeple?”

Other wedding facts:
* The bridesmaid dresses were ordered on Amazon Prime today.
* There are 22 people in the cast. The ticket buyers get tri-tip buffet, we get pasta, salad and bread.
* Yarn Empire Scott mentioned having a dairy allergy and someone said, “you’re just going to have to curb your enthusiasm.” Wedding Singer Sarah suggested that maybe Dom should be eating out of his own Tupperware for fear of the mob going after him.
* Wedding Singer Sarah said she had been keeping her scrapbook in the glove compartment of her car to keep it safe from her toddlers. “That was not successful.”
* Wedding Singer Sarah also suggested, “I think it would be funny if Michael had a box of Franzi that he carries around.”
* Someone came up with the portmanteau name of “Tona” for Tony n’ Tina..
* We rehearsed the singalong song Sister Albert Maria sings during the wedding, “Day By Day,” Kaden the pianist said he’d “just” learned how to accompany he only knows the first few bars of this song so far so I dunno there.

I also got complimented a lot today. Pam (who plays Sal the photographer) said, “I think you’re amazing” to me about knitting. People liked the tie-dye I had on the other day.
I introduced Wedding Singer Sarah to the concept of Aggretsuko and she lit up.

After rehearsal was over, I agreed to go along to Tuesday night karaoke since I didn’t have to go to work the next day. IT WAS A BLAST. This bar is basically over the river and down a curve and apparently literally on the outskirts of town, and attracts a regular crowd that “doesn’t give a fuck” and the DJ goes by “Pyrate.” In this modern era, one must download an app to find out the available songs and send them to the DJ. Robert (who plays Michael) signed us all up. Originally we had Pam and Mark and Laurel along for a while but they left early, eventually whittling us down to Robert, Yarn Empire Scott and Wedding Singer Sarah.

This was my second time getting to hang out with Wedding Singer Sarah and she is a total delight. Usually she has kids/daycare issues but the kids were off in SF with her husband she was ready to par-tay and apparently was really interested in doing the bartender, who I guess was oblivious to this. We hit it off about having similar interests such as being pagan-y and liking singing and I forget whatall else. I realize this is a long shot with her having two small children but man, I hope I get to hang out with her more.

Yarn Empire Scott is super good at doing voices and accents (seriously, really good) and I hope someday he can get into voiceovers because he’d be awesome at it. I just like listening to him, and then on top of that he’s snarky. Robert can do karaoke to hard songs (I specifically remember “Birdhouse In Your Soul”) and that was impressive. I guess Heidi went last week for the first time and he referred to her first karaoke as “popping her cherry-oke.” At one point both of them broke out into wedding improv in character with Dominic asking Robert why he came to the wedding and Robert being all, “I got an invitation!” and Dominic being all, “not every invitation means you have to go!”

The other folks at karaoke were very nice. I did three songs: signed up for “Bad Romance” and “Faded.” Lord knows I am not a singer and there’s a certain amount of surprise at actually SEEING the lyrics to some songs (the nonsense bits of “Bad Romance” specifically), but I can certainly bounce around with enthusiasm. Another lady asked us to join her on “Shut Up And Dance” and so Wedding Singer Sarah, Yarn Empire Scott, and I did. It was a BLAST. Later, another guy was trying to get other people to join in and dance (erm...maybe that was in the lyrics? unsure) but I did jump in and dance, and afterwards Wedding Singer Sarah was all, “You’re the bravest person I know. You’re like Joan of Arc.” This is extremely flattering...


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