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2003-04-24, 7:57 p.m.

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My birthday didn't start out too well.

I had a coughing fit and was throwing up at 1 a.m. Way to start a birthday! Hi, dinner, nice to see you again!

Naturally, that wiped out all sleeping for the night.

Then I realized at 6:30 a.m. that (a) it was pouring buckets outside, and (b) I'd left my umbrella in Hill's car. And (c) man, if I were her and I woke me up on a day where she got to sleep in and then work till 10 p.m., I'd kill me.

This seemed like a bad omen.

I tried running to the school bookstore to see if they had styluses so I wouldn't have to hike across town on a weekend to get one, and to go get another umbrella. Not only did they NOT have styluses for mine, they had no umbrellas! Because it's not supposed to rain in April here, ahem.

Oh, today is apparently Armenian Martyr's Day. Figures, eh?

Mom kept sending me (and pretty much all other relatives with e-mail) pictures of naked guy butts ALL DAY. Why?

While waiting around for my class, I was sitting outside (it stopped raining!) when my old roommate Jess came over. "So, did you hear from anyone else that I'm pregnant?"

Uh, no?

Rather flabbergasted at that one. God, I need to get in touch with the old crowd again or something. She's ex-Mormon, and wasn't much for dating when we knew each other, so er... wouldn't have expected this.

"And this is the father." Heh. Nice fella.

I'm boggling. She's a few years younger than me.

I'm thinking, or was anyway, that maybe I should try connecting with the old crowd once again. Though I'm rather nervous at the idea, given my previous track record of dealing with dead past.

Sign language class was a little tougher, I think. I know I'm not really "getting" it so well when he's trying to indicate what signs equal what meanings. We had a new student and he was signing something that I thought translated into "she wasn't here last week because she just had a baby." Nope, that wasn't it, he knew her out of class and had seen a billboard with "I love (baby's name)" in grafitti on it. I am so glad I got the book he has, because I think our photocopied pages come from it and I'm going to have to look up the signs on my own.

We did do's and don'ts of signing with deaf people- eye contact, no obnoxious mouthing words or interrupting via jumping in front of them, stuff like that. As usual, I'm not much wanting to sign in front of the class. Felt a little more lost.

Okay, the day ended a lot better than it began. For one thing, Dave got to come after all. He talked to his aunt, who told him not to go to the funeral and er, paid him off not to come to boot ;) Heh. He claimed before seeing me that he'd recognize me anywhere, but nope, didn't with the new hair. He claims to like it but said it "makes me look like a schoolteacher." Now he goes around humming "Hot For Teacher." Oy.

Dinner with my parents went a billion times better than it did last time back when we announced the engagement.

I also got presents, surprise- DVD player, silver necklace and thumb keyboard for the new Palm from Dave, a bunch of bath stuff, some clothes, and woo hoo, Buffy season 3!!!! Yeehaw!

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