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2009-04-24, 1:14 p.m.

Boy, did I get spoiled on the last birthday.

Pardon my petty for a second, in this era where I should (and am) be happy just to be employed, but I am kind of annoyed at the following:

(a) that my boss, after getting me cake last year, forgot my birthday. (This mainly annoys me when other supervisors are good at remembering those under their charge. Mine is wonderful in every other aspect but this one.).
(b) that I wanted to do a sushi lunch with friends and NOBODY could make it whatsoever.
(c) that I went to work today specifically because I wanted to take advantage of possible (a) and (b) that didn't happen. And got bitched out by Mom last night for not leaving work earlier than I am to go to the airport. Silly me, trying to buy tickets early for the discount! How dare I not be able to drop everything and change plans the night before!

On the other hand, I made yarn during lunch, so it's not all bad. And Merry got me a cake last night at the CC (I was being ah, snotty on e-mail about my boss forgetting my coworker's birthday too) and I got to share it with people, which is fun. And I brought my own dang cake leftovers for lunch, so THERE.

I don't know why I am being so immature about this. I guess it's good that I'm aware that I'm immature about it? And if I'm canned by next, who cares, my birthday will be on a Saturday then anyway.

Anyhoo, speaking of immature, I'm going to Disneyland later. Muahahahahah. See ya later!

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